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EXCLUSIVE: Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia's rumoured BF Mahir Pandhi on Shalin Bhanot

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Actor Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is one of the strongest contestants in Bigg Boss 16 and is often seen in the limelight for her gameplay. Amidst her game in the show, Nimrit also suffers from clynical depression and is often seen breaking down in the house. The audience has also witnessed her low phase and her battle with anxiety. Shalin Bhanot was also seen taunting her mental health in one of the episodes and Nimrit’s rumoured boyfriend Mahir Pandhi slammed thinks it is beyond stupid.

Mahir Pandhi on Shalin Bhanot for taunting her mental health:

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During a conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Mahir was seen talking about her depression and how it affected her when she was shooting for Choti Sarrdaarni and now Bigg Boss 16.

Mahir tells us, “Shalin ne kitni easily taunt maara tha, (How easily Shalin taunted Nimrit) for him, mental health is nothing but the chicken matter was very important can you imagine, I mean it’s beyond stupid so all these things are so common so normal ki I don’t even blame people anymore I blame the upbringing I blame the whole thought process har kisi ko sikhana padega tab jaake koi change karne ki mehnat karega. (everyone should have learned this and then someone would take the effort to bring change.)

Mahir Pandhi feels bad about showing Nimrit’s breakdown on national TV:

Mahir tells us, “If you remember, there was this clip that went viral where she went inside the confession room. She kept on crying and she was like Bigg Boss please keep this between us and don’t telecast it. She literally kept begging that give me one place where I can cry peacefully and that shouldn’t be telecasted on TV. But they put it out, they put it out there and that was wrong. They are doing their job, I don’t blame them, they want the TRPs to go up, and they want people to watch it they’re doing their job. it’s a sad situation so I was like I need to go in what didn’t happen I couldn’t. Whenever they wanted me inside, I’ve not been in the country, not available.

In the same interview, Mahir Pandhi also spoke about his relationship with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, his first meeting and impression of her and why they have kept all of it under wraps.

Mahir on Nimrit’s mental health:

Nimrit’s co-star Mahir says, “I’ve seen her in situations where she faced panic attacks but she doesn’t want to tell people that I’m going through something because people will feel that she must be having a fever because people don’t understand mental health. I wouldn’t say the name, I wouldn’t tell you what he does but he was like ‘This is okay, just take medicines and sleep for a few hours and then come to work.’ And she was like ‘I’m getting a panic attack, I’m not able to breathe.’ So, for them, it doesn’t exist (and say) ‘this is just fever and just take medicines’ and things kept getting worse. Someone needs to fight for it, someone needs to be vocal about it.”

Watch the full interview here:

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