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EXCLUSIVE: Pitchers 2 actor Naveen Kasturia says his identity has become 'TVF' only

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Over the years, Naveen Kasturia has been a part of many impressive projects. He was one of the first people to taste success on the OTT platform when he appeared in the cult show TVF Pitchers. Since then, he has collaborated with TVF on two more occasions, on Aspirants and the upcoming Pitchers 2. Before the show starts streaming, the actor, along with castmates Ridhi Dogra, Arunabh Kumar and Abhay Mahajan, got into an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble.

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Since Pitchers, Naveen has appeared in several other shows like Thinkistan, Bose and Breathe, all that were not under TVF, but the actor insists that the brand has become associated with him. He said, So far, my identity is TVF only. When I go out and when people recognize me they don’t say Naveen, they say TVF, ‘Aye TVF’. So that’s how people recognise me. I have done other shows but this has been my identity. So you can gauge like this this has been the scene so far. I would say, even the first viral video of theirs, it had me, that’s also one of the things. When Arunabh made his first video, he only asked me to play Rannvijay’s part actually. He only asked me to have a chewing gum in the shot because I had not really acted before properly. If I have to play a nervous person on camera, I find it easier because I am a very nervous guy but I had to be a cocky guy on camera, so I didn’t know what to do. He said have chewing gum, and keep having and chewing gum and you might look cocky, so that’s what I did. So that’s how it began.”

He went on to add that acting actually happened by accident to him as his roommate, who was also working at TVF, asked him to act. He shared, Main to director banne ki koshish kar raha tha to usne kaha, aur koi nahi to tu hi aaja. (I was trying to be a director, but my friend said that they don’t have anyone else, so they took me). That’s how Chai Sutta happened and then Pitchers happened. It’s like I have been an integral part of TVF and TVF has been a very important part of my life. It has given me, in a way, my career. I think I did a good job in Thinkistan and Bose, I also got a few awards for them. Recently Breathe also came out, so I’m constantly trying to tell people. Ek perception bhi ban jata hai fir, people think arre aap TVF mein kaam karte ho to aap bahar bhi kaam karoge? To mujhe lagta hai arre, main to actor hun, main to sab jagah kaam karunga. Log mujhe TVF hi samajhte hain, to achi baat hi hai. (A perception also forms that people think that since I work with TVF, will I work for others too? And I am like I am an actor, I will work everywhere. People think of me as TVF only, so I think it’s a good thing only).”

You can watch the entire conversation with Naveen and rest of the Pitchers 2 cast here:

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