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EXCLUSIVE: Sreejita De EXPOSES Tina Datta in Bigg Boss 16: She has a black heart

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When Sreejita De entered the Bigg Boss 16 house this season along with Tina Datta, there was a lot of expectations to see a confrontation between the actresses, considering the two have a complicated history together. The two actresses starred together in the highly successful show Uttaran, and it was during that time that the two had made some remarks about each other regarding who is the star of the show which created a friction between them. So, them coming together on Bigg Boss 16 was quite exciting for its fans, but the people expecting a confrontation between Sreejita De and Tina Datta were disappointed, and the former became the first contestant to be evicted. However, the makers have given her a second chance as on Thursday night’s episode, Sreejita entered as a wildcard and exposed Tina.

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Before she headed again inside the house, Sreejita indulged in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble where she expressed her views regarding Tina, exposing her game. When asked if she was taken aback by Tina behaving like there was no issue between them the first time around, Sreejita responded, “Of course not, kyunki main kahin na kahin wo expect hi kar rahi thi usse kyunki wo open mein, she is a scared person. And open mein, in front of the cameras, she was very scared to pick up a fight with me because she knew that kahin na kahin if she picks up a fight, she would look in the negative shadow. Par maine bahut baar koshish kari but I didn’t get any response from her. Wo jo bhi kar rahi thi, peeth peeche hi kar rahi thi, peeth peeche hi boli ja rahi thi and I am sure that this time again she will do the same thing. She would keep talking about me behind my back, but the positive thing about this second entry is mujhe ab at least peeche ka to pata hai ki kya kya usne mere peeth peeche bola tha. (Of course not, because I was expecting that from her as she is a scared person and was afraid of picking up a fight with me because she knew that if she does, she might come out in a negative light. I tried many times but didn’t get a response from her. She was doing everything behind my back, talking about me and I am sure she’ll do that again this time too. But the positive thing is that I am aware of what all she has said about me until now.)” 

When asked to comment on who is currently playing the dirtiest game inside the house, Sreejita straightaway said without thinking twice, I would say the dirtiest, of course, Tina but wo already reveal ho chuka hai in front of the audience and fans.” Also, when asked to describe Tina in a phrase, Sreejita said, “Black heart.”

Sreejita has promised that she is going inside the house again with more fire and she will confront the people who have wronged her and it would be exciting to see how Tina and she handle their situation from hereon.

You can watch the entire interview with Sreejita here:

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