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EXCLUSIVE: 'Tina Datta won't date Shalin Bhanot after Bigg Boss', her mother’s SHOCKING statement

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This week is going to be an emotional one as Bigg Boss 16 contestants are going to meet their parents and loved ones in the house. This time, Tina Datta’s mother Madhumita Datta will be entering the house to meet her daughter. As they have an emotional moment after a few months, we see Tina talking to her mother asking about Shalin Bhanot.

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Amidst all the love rumours between the two, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Tina’s mother speaks about her and her alleged relationship with Shalin. Madhumita was asked to give her views if Tina Datta comes up to her after the show and tells her that she wants to go into a relationship with Bhanot. She was also asked what kind of questions she would like to put in her head.

Tina’s mother on her relationship with Shalin:

Madhumita tells us, “Peheli baat toh, mere khayal se wo aisa sawaal karegi nahi, bohot samajdaar ladki hai. Ek ghar pe bandh hai toh wo alag mahol hota hai, usme up down ho jaata hai, lekin wo bahar aake wo khudhi samaj jaayegi but agar wo puche, toh dekha jaayega ki kis hisaab se puch rahi hai. Fir main maa hu mujhe samjhane chahiye agar mere nazar mein kuch kharab hai ya thik nahi lag raha hai, toh main uss hisaab se tab samjhaungi na, ye sab toh rehearsal karke toh nahi hota hai na.

(First of all, I don’t think I need to ask her any questions as Tina is quite smart to understand it. She is locked in the house and the environment is quite different which shows a lot of ups and downs but she will understand the situation after she comes out of the house. But if she asks me questions, I’ll see in what sense she is asking me the questions then accordingly I’ll try to explain to her if I see anything wrong.)

Madhumita on Tina giving second chance to Bhanot:

When asked about her reaction if Tina decides to give this relationship another chance, her mother says “Mujhe nahi lagta, rishta bolu kaise, usne mujhe bola nahi hai ki mera rishta hai, logon ne naam diya hai. Koi bola fake, koi bola dost, koi bola love, logon ne banaya hai rishta, abhi tak Tina ne toh nahi bulaya hai na muh se. Toh jab tak Tina na bole toh main kaise ye rishte ko naam de du.”

(I don’t think so. How will I call it a relationship as she never admitted that she is in a relationship? People have termed it as a relationship. While some have called it fake, some said they are friends, and some said they are in love. People have said that they are in a relationship. Tina has not labelled her relationship with Shalin then why should I say anything?)

Watch Tina Datta’s mother interview: 

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