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EXCLUSIVE: Uorfi Javed recalls being REPLACED in Jiji Maa after ‘two scenes’, says, ‘I was insulted in front of 100 people’

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Uorfi Javed is a former Bigg Boss OTT contestant and a very popular celebrity in the entertainment industry. She is also a social media influencer who never fails to grab headlines with her bold fashionable choices. Being active on social media, the actress creates a storm on social media with her posts.

Now, Uorfi Javed took some time off from her busy schedule and sat down with us for an exclusive interview. Uorfi got candid with us in our first episode of Let’s Talk with Bollywood Bubble and spoke about how she was rejected and sent back after being selected for a particular show. Without further delay, let’s head on to the conversation!

Uorfi Javed gets candid about facing rejection in her career

When asked whether Urfi has faced rejections, she got candid at her best and said, “It has happened in one-two shows where I was finalized after giving auditions. I was called on set and I don’t know what happened there. After doing two scenes, I was called and said to return home and that I am being replaced. I mean, it did not even begin and I was replaced. I was like, let me perform and if you did not like my acting, if you felt it was so bad then why sent mere here after taking 20 auditions? Being sent away was very embarrassing and insulting.”

Further, she went on saying, “I was returned after being insulted in front of 100 people. I had told everyone that I am doing this show and now what do I say? Someone from the channel contacted me and said that I had to give my 10% to them to which I declined. As soon as I declined this, I was removed from it after two scenes. Even today if you go and see on Wikipedia, you can still see the show ‘Uorfi Javed in Jiji Maa.

There’s a lot more to the conversation! Uorfi speaks about the difficult phases in her life of being suicidal. Apart from this, she also opens up on why she thinks that Bollywood is overrated.

Watch the full interview here:

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