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EXCLUSIVE: Vikkas Manaktala calls Archana Gautam 'inhumane', slams Shiv Thakare for 'mischief behavior'

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Television actor Vikkas Manaktala entered the Bigg Boss 16 house as a wild card contestant. The Left Right Left star grabbed eyeballs due to his strong personality and also made headlines for his nasty fights with Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare. But was evicted as he received the least number of votes.

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In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble’s host, he opened up on his eviction. Vikkas also slams Shiv Thakare and Archana Gautam for their behaviour.

Vikkas Manaktala slams Shiv Thakare:

He said, “I in fact to be honest even though I knew about what he(Shiv Thakare) had done it was not the baggage that I had carried when I went in(For the unversed Shiv was in news for an incident that took place on Bigg Boss Marathi where he apparently bit a co-contestant.) I told Nimrat and Shiv that you know you’re one of my favourite players.  Yeah if I had to target him, I wouldn’t have let him know in the first task that I know about it. You know and I would have uh blasted it in front of everyone.  Then you would have seen how it would have turned out. He wouldn’t have had the time to cushion himself or do any of that.”

“He was very smart in planning and all of that did that drama also.   I did not have it in my mind to go and target him.  But the very next day when it happened,  he tried to target me. When he realized that he has kind of covered himself and sheltered himself with other people’s support, now he can play a game. Even though he didn’t talk that in front of me I could really gauge that thankfully. You know I could see that in him and then I called the spade a spade of speed when I felt like.”

On being made a villain of the piece post his disagreement with Shiv, the actor said, “Let me tell you one thing honestly. In my life what is in my hand to be able to do my bit? I did my bit with uh utmost amount of honesty, certainty, integrity and response, and didn’t insult him, didn’t disrespect him I called out his uh Mischief yeah but also did it very respectfully. I stated facts but not in a way that you know uh which could have insulted, just said that this is what he is and he does it.”

His infamous fight with Archana:

Vikkas had shared some personal details about his life with Archana and she used the same against him during an argument. On being asked how did he take it Vikas said, “What happened,  so the same scenario had turned out which I shared earlier, that you know in good faith and in just connecting or having a hard work conversation she asked about me my marriage and why we haven’t really thought of planning on having a child. But we had, we had conceived and there was a miscarriage that happened and all and I just said it because it came as a matter of fact with the thought that you know maybe I can trust her humane side or maybe there is a humane side too. But then later on she not only exploited that she cursed me with it and that’s when I realized yeah she doesn’t have a humane side.

Watch the entire conversation with Vikkas Manaktala here:

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