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EXCLUSIVE: Vivek Dahiya on being labelled as 'Divyanka Tripathi's husband'

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Actor Vivek Dahiya is busy carving his niche in the television industry. He has a massive fan following on social media who love and adore him. Vivek Dahiya, who is married to Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame Divyanka Tripathi was often labelled as her ‘husband’ post their wedding. The actor opened up about the same and spoke at length about it.

Vivek Dahiya on being labelled as ‘Divyanka Tripathi’s husband’

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We sat down with Vivek recently for a candid conversation. In an exclusive interview with us, Vivek Dahiya opened up about being labelled as the ‘husband’ of Divyanka Tripathi. He explained how he feels about the tag attached to his name. Dahiya said that when he was categorized as ‘Divyanka’s husband’ it happens to a lot of other people.

Vivek told Bollywood Bubble, “I feel, what I went through being categorised as ‘Divyanka’s husband’, I realised that it doesn’t just happen to me. It happens to a lot of other people. Whether it’s the kins, whether it’s the relatives or whether, you know whatever it is.”

He added, “And I’ve always felt very strongly about when there is someone talking about nepotism. I feel that you can’t compare apples to oranges. It’s unfair. And I feel that everyone goes through their own set of struggles. Yeah ok, some have it easy. Because the first project they get is served in a platter. Of course that happens. But do you realise that somebody who is born in a business or a first class or a charter plane, when that kid grows up what is the motivation.”

The actor continued, “I feel, each person his entitled to their own identity, do not take that away from them. So I felt that referring me to as Divyanka’s husband, fine, there’s no problem initially. But, once I’ve created a name for myself.”

Dahiya then added, “Once I have worked enough then start respecting my identity also. And do that with others also. Because, it takes immense amount of hard work to get there. So, luckily it doesn’t happen to me anymore. I’ve come out of that. But its something I’ve always felt, honestly.”

Take a look at the full conversation below:

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