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Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: Rithvik Dhanjani calls his connection with Bappa special, says, “It just seems like he’s my own” – EXCLUSIVE

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Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the festivals that is celebrated with utmost pomp and fervour in Maharashtra. The occasion is all about grand decorations, energetic naach-gana, and everyday blissful aartis. Just like every festival, tinsel town actors celebrate it with great enthusiasm. Actor Rithvik Dhanjani makes sure to soak in the spirit of the festival rightly. This year as well, the actor curated Ganesha with utmost devotion. On the special occasion, Rithvik Dhanjani interacted with Bollywood Bubble and shared his plans for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. The actor also spoke about his ‘special connection’ with Lord Ganesha and curating eco-friendly idol.

Rithvik Dhanjani on Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations

Talking about how he plans to celebrate the occasion this year, Rithvik quipped, “I plan to celebrate it just like every year, by keeping the idol for five days at home. My family and friends are going to be around. All I can say is that it’s going to be a Bappa party at home.”

On what makes his connection special with Lord Ganesha

The actor shared the significance of the festival and what makes him feel like having a special connection with Lord Ganesha deity. He said, “Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that I’ve been celebrating for over 20-22 years now and there is no significance of the festival as such more so the connection that I have with Lord Ganesha. The realization about this connection happened ever since I was a child. To me, it just seems like he’s my own and I talk to him like a friend. If there is anything that I have in my heart, I will truly join my hands and pray it out to Bappa. And not just for myself, but for anything, anyone, any moment that happens, his name comes first to my conscience. Every time I sort of ask him for something, it has always been granted. I feel he looks out for me and words fall short to explain this. This is the only festival that I celebrate with so much diligence and love.”

About curating eco-friendly idols and what makes it special this year

Rithvik Dhanjani curates idols by his own. Every year he shares a glimpse of it and this time was no different. During the chat, he recalled how this journey started. “I think this was six years ago. The first time that I got introduced to making eco-friendly idols was through Raqesh Bapat. He saw my love for Ganesha and advised me to pay attention to the environmental aspect. Ever since then,  I’ve been just following his footsteps”, said the actor.

He further revealed how much time did he take to curate the idol. Rithvik shared, “So this year my Ganesha idol is of Krishna roop. I took about 3-4 days to curate my idol.  But this tradition has now become a community affair and I have so many people involved in it. So me and my friends have actually made 12 idols this year, which is the highest up until now.”

Talking about how the process was enlightening, he told, “More than enlightening, its therapeutic. The entire process connects me to festival and bappa to a deeper level.”

On a concluding note, the actor wishes everyone a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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