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I always gift plants and books to children on their birthdays – Entrendz Showbizz

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World Book Day, on April 23, creates awareness around the good habit of reading and also draws attention to book publishing and copyright. It’s a special day for Maninee De, as the actor is a voracious reader. She talks about books that have influenced and inspired her to live a better life. Maninee also shares her opinion on how the practice of reading books has been abandoned by many in today’s world of mobile phones and the internet.

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I would say that books are a very important part of one’s development. They impact you in various ways.  For me, I think it would be The Seat Of The Soul, by Gary Zukhov, a book that has been highly recommended by Oprah Winfrey. Also Homosapiens is another book that has really impacted me. For sure, and I am not a Kindle user. I still am a very tactile person. I want my paper bags and the whole experience of reading a book is a very different one. And I don’t mean any disrespect to Kindle or to people who read Kindle,” says the SSUP MA actor.

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Maninee feels that books have really contributed in developing her love for literature, world history, current affairs, politics, autobiographies and biographies.

 “These have been part of my childhood. I read poetry. I read science fiction. So, I have a varied range of favourites. Lord of the Rings was a book that I really, really loved. I read a lot of science and quantum physics books. All the timeline jumping sort of things really fascinates me. Right now, there is a book, which is by Dr Shefali, called Radical Awakening that I am reading. I have gifted that book to someone. And I think books, to me, are a means of not just learning, but, it also transports me to different worlds without me moving an inch from my home. It’s a different world altogether and only people who are readers would understand how powerful books are. I always give plants and books to children on their birthdays. Because I feel that these are two things that in my eyes can help in building the character of a person. When you can look after a plant, you nurture life, and when you can read a book, you give wings to your imagination,” she adds.

Wishing everyone a very happy World Book Day!

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