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I don’t let the characters affect me personally: Sudhanshu Pandey aka Vanraj of ‘Anupamaa’

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Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is turning heads with it’s intriguing story-line. The current track of the show revolves around Baa humiliating Bapuji in front of everyone which resulted him in taking a drastic step of leaving Shah house and deciding to stay at Anupamaa’s house. All this happened while Vanraj was away on a business trip.

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The nation awaited for Vanraj’s reaction on the situation as he is extremely respectful and loving towards his father. In fact, he also cautioned Kavya and Baa to not mess with Bapuji or hurt him while he is away. Despite that, Baa disrespected Bapuji which led to the entire matter being aggravated.

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Vanraj, who sensed that something is wrong was waiting for someone to narrate the incident to him. Post which, Vanraj lost his calm on everyone. He vowed to not eat or drink even water until he gets his father back at Shah house. Vanraj was furious on Baa and took a decision that she won’t even enter the house after what she did to Bapuji.

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The episodes have been extremely emotional and intense. It is quite likely that an actor gets emotionally or physically affected by the intense scenes and drama. In a chat with, actor Sudhanshu Pandey opened up on the same and stated that he doesn’t let the characters he plays affect him in any manner. He also mentioned that an actor needs to have that skill to draw a line between his personal self and characters he plays.

He said, “Yes, in the current Vanraj’s anger and frustration is at the peak. No, this doesn’t affect me personally at all. I don’t let the characters affect me personally as I believe that’s the only skill an actor needs to have. I have played many characters but haven’t let them affect me personally”.

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