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I signed ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’ despite being unwell because the story was quite intriguing: Richa Rathore

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Courtesy : Richa Rathore’s Instagram

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Zing TV’s show ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’is quite a celebrated show. The project features interesting love stories and the viewers have been loving the concept of the show.

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The upcoming episode of the show will have actress Richa Rathore playing an interesting role. India Forums got in touch with her and asked her about signing the show. She said, “Well, it seems like a full circle to me as I was supposed to do this show earlier in my career but it didn’t materialise and now when I was offered again, I thought, it’s meant to be and I should take it up”.

Talking about what prompted her to take up the project, Richa said, “I wasn’t keeping well, despite of which I signed the show because I found the character very interesting and something I haven’t done yet. Usually in love stories, problems arise because of a third person; an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, parents etc. But in the episode, my character Alyaa has a sorted love story. She has a loving partner and understanding parents but she herself start to create issues because she feels that her life has become monotonous and boring. It is very unlikely for a character to do so and I wanted to take it up as a challenge”.

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Talking about her recently concluded show ‘Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha’, Richa said, “It was a wonderful journey. The team was great and I had a great time working with everyone. It was more of a learning experience for me which I will cherish forever. The show also garnered me a lot of love, appreciation and acceptance from the fans and I feel blessed to have been a part of such an amazing show”.

Are you excited to see the episode? Hit the comment section below.

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