Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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It is most urgent that we look at our mother nature in a respectful way – Entrendz Showbizz

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Conserving the environment should be our first and foremost duty. Today, the world celebrates Earth Day and it signifies the importance of preserving our environment. Actress Nisha Rawal revealed her contribution towards the environment and also shared some preventive measures to conserve our environment and make it a better place to live.

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 Talking about the same, Nisha said,

“As mums we have the privilege to be able to directly impact the values of a child through our parenting style. Children need to be taught the importance of environmental preservation through examples of recycling, not littering, proper garbage disposal, planting trees, explaining climate change, solar energy, rain-water harvesting, food chain, etc.”

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Nisha also shared how she has been contributing to preserve our environment and trying to create awareness about the same. The actress said,

“In the past, I have run a kids’ clothing brand called “Roots and Wings” which was a zero-waste fashion brand for kids. I was trying to create a lot of awareness on textile waste and how it is a major polluting factor in the landfills. The waste fabric was upcycled by making table mats, sling pouches, pen stands etc. and was handmade by women who belonged to low-income groups. The glue, the pens, pencils used in the office were made from environment-friendly materials. The packaging was made from recycled paper and we tried our best to minimize if not eliminate pollutants from landing in our waters, air or land.”

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Furthermore, she also shared how she makes her son aware and conscious about our environment in an age-appropriate way. She said, 

“I make sure that I spend a lot of time reading about these issues with Kavish in an age-appropriate way. Have also taken him for a beach clean-up drive and explained the importance of recycling even if it is by means of reusing or passing on his old clothes and toys to the lesser-privileged kids. All these little contributions then become a part of shaping a personality that is more empathetic towards the environment thus safeguarding nature and creating a sustainable world where resources are used wisely.”

Lastly, the actress concluded by giving out a message for everyone, and said,

“It is most urgent that we look at our mother nature in a respectful way and stop taking it for granted.”

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