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It was very important for me to be mentally prepared to have a child – Entrendz Showbizz

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Actress Kratika Sengar is in the final leg of her pregnancy and is gearing up to welcome their baby anytime. The actress, along with husband Nikitin Dheer, announced pregnancy a couple of months ago, and fans were ecstatic about the big news. The two tied the knot on September 3, 2014, and will be celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary this year as newest parents in tellytown.

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Our Source got talking to Kratika about parenthood, the pandemic, and more. Read the conversation here.

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How have you been managing your pregnancy and the journey so far?

I think it was pretty smooth, by god’s grace. It went pretty well and we are just waiting now for the time to go to the hospital. Overall, it has been a nice smooth journey.

How did you manage pregnancy with the pandemic, did it cause any troube?

I don’t think, the protocols were off, and now, people weren’t wearing masks either, and Nikitin has been shooting, and I have been on the radar 24*7, and that risk factor was always there, but life moves on and now, a lot has eased out now. One of my friends delivered in December last year, and they didn’t allow her husband to go to the OT, but now I know I will have my family members with me and I hope it continues, and there’s no 4th wave.

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Everyone discusses parenting and the kind of parents they want to be. What do you have to say about it?

I am sure every parent would want to give their child the best of their life, no planning goes in, but you want to be at your best when raising your child, and I want my child to be raised the way I have been raised by my parent; like there was no pressure for career, they never told me how should I be, and let me choose my career and be independent and that is one thing for sure, I’d do.

Lastly, when you first came to know about the pregnancy, what went into your head?

I am still under process, and as I am nearing my date, it is only increasing. I think I’ll overcome it once the child is in my hands, maybe then I will know that this has happened and things have changed, and etc. However, if you ask me what has been going on since then in my head, it is going on and it is a process. It was very important for me to be mentally prepared to have a child, and I am still in the process.

Our Source wishes both Kratika and Nikitin good luck and hearty congratulations once again!

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