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Kumkum Bhagya actor Zeeshan Khan: TV has taught me to be a good actor in a very immediate way

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Actor Zeeshan Khan has more than just good looks and a hot body. The actor, who became a household name with his stint in Kumkum Bhagya, was also a part of Bigg Boss OTT. Zeeshan soon became a favourite with the audience on the game show with his strategic game and his dedicated attitude towards tasks. A relatively new member in the acting brigade, Zeeshan is now eagerly looking forward to exploring other roles and genres on television. He is also eager to add more to his learnings from his television experiences so far. 

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TV has helped me grow as an actor in a way where it made me more spontaneous. It taught me to think on my toes and to think quick. Unlike films, where we have a lot of time to go through the script and get into our characters, on TV we have to transform from real to reel in an instant. What we shoot in the morning, is aired on TV in the evening, so its very cut to cut, because of which we don’t have much time to prepare and get into character. So you need to be your best at any given point,” says Zeeshan.

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Elaborating more on how spontaneity plays a very important part in being a TV actor, Zeeshan adds, “Its like my show runner can walk up to me and ask me to play a certain character. And I’ll have to do it. More than anything, I have to make everyone who sees me believe my portrayal. So that immediateness, is what TV has taught me. It has taught me how to drop into a character at any given point and now, I take only 30 seconds to get into my character.” 

Another skill that Zeeshan learnt as an actor is to improvise. “TV has also helped me a lot with my improvisations. Like I said, you have to think on your toes, at times you don’t know where your graph is going, so you start creating your own graph and explore your character. Improvisations help with your creative flow. So TV has taught me to be a good actor in a very immediate way. I feel my creativity is on another level because of TV,” he says.

Ask him what are on his list of ‘to-do’ genres in the future and Zeeshan says, “I like doing exciting things. I like to and want to do different roles. At the top are playing a psychotic character, a double role, a negative character, a positive character, everything. I want to do anything and everything that TV can throw my way.

Here’s wishing Zeeshan all the very best!

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