Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Muskan Sharma and Rehan Roy quash … – Entrendz Showbizz

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Popular social media influencers Muskan Sharma and Rehaan Roy, who share an amazing camaraderie in real life, are all set to appear together on screen in a music video titled ‘Juttiyan’. The duo got in a conversation with Our Source and addressed rumours and speculations surrounding their relationship. 

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When we asked Muskan and Rehaan whether their fans will be able to see them taking their friendship to the next level, the duo had a very fun response. Muskan said, 

”We recieve a lot of comments stating that the two of us look very good together and that we should get married. I’d like to tell everyone that a girl or a boy’s sole purpose in life is not just getting married. We want to do a lot of other things in life. Today, my mother is very proud of me and she works harder than me for me. Yes, both of us know that we look good together. You will not believe when I say this, but trust me, both of us keep rewatching our reels and videos all the time, even more than our fans watch our videos.” 

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Responding to the same question, Rehaan said, 

”All I want to say is, that I know all of you like seeing us together all the time. Well, please continue showering all your love on us in the same way.”

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For the unversed, Muskan Sharma and Rehaan Roy’s music video, ‘Juttiyan,’ is all set to release tomorrow, on the 11th of May. The song has been filmed in Armenia and it was the duo’s first project onscreen. 

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