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Pandya Store: It is Shiva v/s Rishita in upcoming ‘Business competition’ – Entrendz Showbizz

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Pandya Store on Star Plus has definitely been bringing in multiple twists and turns and it looks like there’s going to be more drama follow as the latest promo suggests. With ongoing drama, Janardhan seems to be on cloud nine as his daughter Rishita, seems to have picked his side in the ‘Business competition’ ahead.

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The latest promo shows how Janaradhan is dancing around with the ‘dhol’ playing and just then, Shiva enters the space, and he seems to boast about the fact that a Pandya will be a part of the competition after all. However, he then adds that it would be his daughter, Rishita Pandya.

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While they are talking, Raavi comes in bearing good news and tells Shiva that he has been selected for the competition after all and that adds to the drama in the promo. Shiva then goes on to say how now, there will be two Pandyas taking part in the competition after all. This sure means that there will be more twists and turns ahead.

Have a look at the promo here:

What continues to be the much awaited track is how will Shiva trace this journey along with Raavi, and if or not he will emerge as the winner. While viewers know that it wouldn’t be the easiest of all, it sure will be exciting to see the team work come through, once again!

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