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Prafula to get Shiva-Raavi divorced; Shiva gets released from the jail in ‘Pandya Store’ – Entrendz Showbizz

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Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around a huge trouble for the Pandya family as Shiva has been arrested while Gautam and Dhara are missing. Dhara has got a missing baby and she is quite attached to her.

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In the upcoming episode, Rishita and Suman reach the police station to meet Shiva. Suman gets emotional seeing Shiva and tells him how the entire family is scattered. She informs him that Dhara and Gautam are also missing. Suman pleads to the police officer to leave Shiva. He tells them to get the complainant take the complaint back. Rishita tells Suman that she has a plan which can get Shiva out of the jail.

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Suman reaches Prafula’s house and asks Anita to take the complaint back. Anita acts weird but Suman slaps her and tells her to adhere to what she is saying. Rishita enters being disguised as a police officer and says that she has a proof against her. Anita gets scared.

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Prafula join hands with Kamini and tells her that they should focus on targeting Suman who is the foundation of the Pandya family. She tells her that since both of them doesn’t want their daughters to be a part of that family, they should collectively work towards the same. Prafulla plans to get Raavi-Shiva divorced.

Dhara learns that it’s shown in the news that she has the missing baby from the hospital. She panics thinking everyone wants her to separate with her baby girl Tara.

In the forthcoming episodes, Shiva gets released from the jail as Anita takes back the complain.

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