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Rakhi Sawant beemar hai: Rajshree reveals reason behind filing FIR against her best friend- WATCH

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An FIR has been lodged against actor Rakhi Sawant and the complaint came from her best friend Rajshree More. However, the reason behind the lodge was not known until now. Rajshree who owns a Nail Art studio in the city held a press conference, revealing that Rakhi is trying to defame her. Rakhi alleged that she runs an illegal activity using her studio. She even threatened her saying if Rajshree spoke anything against her in media, she would defame her.

Rajshree More opens up about the FIR

During the press conference, her FIR statement was read. It said, “I stayed back since the last few days, Miss Rakhi Sawant has been causing mental harassment to me by causing me threats that if I speak against her in the media or if I take any legal actions against her, she will defame me and cause harm to my life by exposing me to media.”

The statement further read, “It may be noted that she is spreading false rumours that I do illegal activities under my Nail Art business. She has also defamed me by telling various people that I’m into illegal acts. It may be noted that she has been threatening me and falsely implicating me in case if I don’t do whatever she tells me to do.”

In the mentioned circumstances, I would like to bring to your notice that if anything happens to me personally or professionally, Ms Rakhi Sawant should be held responsible for the same.” Her FIR note concluded.

Rajshree says she financed her best friend Rakhi Sawant

In the same press con, Rajshree said that Rakhi does not support her financially in fact, she finances her. She revealed that she had paid money for Rakhi’s driver, her car’s petrol, her lunch and dinner. Rajshree further mentioned that she uses her clothes and bags or things she owns. “Mere kidney ke alawa Rakhi ko sab kuch mil gaya,” Rajshree said, claiming that Rakhi is sick.

She revealed that Rakhi Sawant claimed that prostitution happens in her nail art studio and if Rajshree opens her mouth in the media, Rakhi will reveal her prostitution scam. Rajshree also sent an open challenge to prove the prostitution scam.

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