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‘Rakhi Sawant is DATING,’ confirms best friend Rajshree amid her ugly spat with Adil Khan Durrani

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Rakhi Sawant is one of the most talked-about celebrities right now. She is grabbing attention due to her personal life. Recently, Rakhi made several accusations against estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani. She accused him of cheating, domestic violence and a lot more.

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Following that, Rakhi’s best friend Rajshree filed a police complaint against her. Rajshree has claimed that Rakhi has been spreading false rumours about her doing illegal activities. Now, during a recent press conference, Rajshree has revealed that Rakhi is dating someone. Yes, Rajshree claims Rakhi is in a relationship with someone named Lucky.

Rakhi is dating Lucky

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In her press conference, Rajshree shared, “Lucky bohot bada lucky hai. Uska naam itna acha hai sochiye woh kitna lucky hoga. Ek din Rakhi achanak mujhe bolti hai ki mere life mein koi ladka hai, uska naam Lucky hai. Mein usse shaadi karna chahti hoon. (Lucky is very lucky. His name is so nice imagine how lucky he must be. One day Rakhi told me I have someone in my life and his name is Lucky. I want to marry him).”

She added, “Rajshree tu mujhe bata mein shaadi karu ya naa karu. Tu joh bolegi mein wahi karungi. Maine kaha tumhara individual decision hai. Aapka jaise hi Adil se divorce hojata hai, aap apna dekh lijiye. Toh Lucky ki family se usne meri video calling karwayi Rakhi ke ghar pe. Waha pe Lucky ke mother thi, sister the. Woh bohot acche ghar ke log hai. Kahi Jalandhar, Punjab ke log hai (Rajshree you tell me, should I marry him or not? I’ll do whatever you say. So, I told her it’s your individual decision. After you divorce Adil, you see yourself. So, I once interacted with Lucky’s family via video call at Rakhi’s place. Lucky’s mother, sister were present there. They come from a good family).”

Rakhi slams estranged husband Adil

In recent Bollywood Bubble’s Podcast Let’s Talk With Bollywood Bubble, Rakhi made several allegations against husband Adil Khan Durrani. The actress claimed that he cheated on her with an Irani woman. She also accused him of selling her nude videos for 47 lakhs.

That’s not all, Rakhi claimed that Adil used her as he wanted to make it big in Bollywood. Furthermore, she even slammed him for speaking ill about her late mom. Adding to that, Rakhi also said that Adil ruined her life. On the other hand, Adil called Rakhi the ‘big mistake of his life’.

Watch the full interview:

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