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Rakhi Sawant openly instructed her husband in Bigg Boss 14, a shocking promise made to fans

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Rakhi Sawant (Photo Credit- @ rakhisawant2511/Instagram)

Rakhi Sawant has entered Bigg Boss 14. The period of intense controversies and uproar starts. On the very first day of the show, Rakhi, in front of Salman Khan, confronted Kashmira Shah. At the same time, she has spoken openly about her husband Ritesh.

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Mumbai. Bigg Boss 14 remains in the headlines for some reason or the other. These days there are tremendous twists and turns on the show. At the same time, to increase the challenges for the family, the makers decided to send six new challengers inside the house. Rakhi Sawant is one of these challengers. Recently, Salman Khan welcomed her on the show. She will also go inside the house soon. At the same time, Rakhi, who is ready to create panic in Bigg Boss’s house, has spoken openly about her famous marriage. While talking about her husband Ritesh, she has made a big promise to the fans.

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Rakhi Sawant got married last year and also shared his wedding pictures on her social media account. But in these photos, she did not even see a glimpse of her husband. After which everyone is waiting for their husband to appear in public. While talking to the channel recently, Rakhi has said that she wants to bring her husband’s identity to everyone. Rakhi has promised her fans that she will also introduce everyone to her husband.

Rakhi said that ‘I know that the time has come now, especially my fans … Ever since I got married everybody wants to see my husband … Now when I am going to enter the Bigg Boss So I want my husband to introduce himself in front of everyone ‘.

Rakhi says that ‘I have also threatened him … that now he will have to come to the forefront … what if Salman Khan himself says that he wants to meet my husband’. Rakhi says that she will soon put all the details of her husband in front of everyone. Rakhi has also confessed that she got married in very difficult circumstances.

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