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Shivangi Khedkar: Shooting with Sai is very very easy; birthday celebrations will have to wait – Entrendz Showbizz

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali’s Shivangi Khedkar has sure been going places with all the work she has been doing and in fact, continues to do too. The actress reunited with her co-star Sai Ketan Rao for a music video and the responses so far, have been absolutely amazing.

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India Forums got in touch with her and spoke to her about the shooting experience, the release date colliding with her birthday and if she is a birthday person.

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How was it shooting, what have the responses been and what was it runiting with Sai again?

The response so far has been amazing. Honestly, it was all done because of the fans and they were calling Pratik and they arranged the meeting also and he contacted us. It was a great experience. Shooting with Sai is very very easy for me and we have been shooting for the last 10 months. I guess the only co-star I had for last 10 months was him. The response is great and I hope people continue to like it.

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The music video is a return gift for the fans?

It is a gift from fans only, I should say. Pratik was keen on releasing it on 15th January, I was okay if it goes here and there with the edit, etc., because we were in a soup because of COVID but we were like we will release it on 15th only.

Are you a birthday person, any celebration plans this year?

I am a very boring person (laughs). Usually, I go to my house in Pune and celebrate with friends and family but this time, I am still here since I was shooting for a TVC and I am not travelling so for now, the birthday plan is postponed. Maybe my friends will meet me after 2-3 days and we will chill. I am not a cake person either, so my friends know that, and just meeting them and hanging out.

India Forums wishes Shivangi a very happy birthday!

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