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Shoaib Ibrahim cooked food for Deepika Kakkar when she is in pain

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Shoaib Ibrahim cooked food for Deepika Kakkar when when she is in pain during periods, said to fans – need to talk openly on this

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‘Kahan Hum-Kahan Tum’ fame actress Deepika Kakkar and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim are known as the most loving and caring couple in the TV industry. The couple has a large number of fans on social media and YouTube. Both continue to share blogs and interesting videos on their YouTube channel. And soon a song of both of them is going to be released.

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Deepika and Shoaib are spending their quality time together these days. Fans like these two very much. And Dapika and Shoaib also keep sharing videos for their fans on social media.

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Meanwhile, on Monday, Shoaib Ibrahim shared a video for his mail fans and has given a special message in it. In this video, Shoaib talked about the difficulties faced by women during periods and appealed everyone to take more care of their partners during this period. In this video, Shoaib Ibrahim also appeared while cooking food for his wife.

Take care of your wife during periods – Shoaib

Shoaib wrote in the title of this video that ‘take care of her during periods’. He said that it is time that we start talking about it. In the beginning of the video, Shoaib is seen greeting his fans, after which he starts talking about the difficulties and problems faced by women during periods. Shoaib says that it is the second day of Deepika’s periods and along with the conversation in the blog with her fans, he is also preparing lunch for her. At the end of the video, Deepika and Shoaib are also seen appealing to their fans to discuss the period openly.

watch the video here

Deepika likes cooking
It has been seen many times that this couple appears in each other’s vlogs. Talking about Deepika Kakkar, she is very famous for her cooking blog and has a big fanbase. Deepika loves cooking and shares a variety of recipes with her fans through her blogs.

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