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Bear: Why Tina and Sydney’s Relationship Is the Most Compelling

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The surprise hit of the summer has been on Hulu’s FX BearWhich is about Carmen Berzato (Jeremy Allen White) acquired his family’s Italian beef sandwich shop in Chicago. In the workers of The Original Beef of Chicago, longtime chef Tina (Liza Colon-Zyasi), and newcomer Sidney Adamu (ayo adbirik), a talented cook who has failed in the catering business, forces her to return to her father’s place. Out of the gate, the dynamic between Tina and Sydney is established; In the pilot, Sydney asks for help, but Tina is not kind to the new chef and feels insulted by the fact that Sydney spoke her mother tongue. To the naked eye, it doesn’t particularly make much sense why Tina has some disdain for this new girl, but later episodes make excellent reference to why the established chef isn’t initially keen on the newcomer. Is.

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As for Tina, Sydney speaking Spanish made her feel like she was not on par with the chef. Of course, Sydney didn’t mind it, but it was a small moment due to Tina’s conflicts with previous owners, who didn’t see the value in her. There isn’t much story around Tina. really, Bear Never gives the only spotlight on the character, but given that Chicago’s Native Beef is set in the middle of a poverty-stricken neighborhood, it’s easy to conclude that Tina is a working-class citizen who is still struggling to make ends meet. trying to.

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Sydney arrives, in vain to Carmi and Tina, an overly talented and fine-dining chef who immediately feels hatred for the woman as she is now dealing with another boss who doesn’t respect her work in the kitchen. Now, the difference between Carmi and Tina is that he has an affair with his ex. Cook initially had some problems with Carmi, but given her relationship with Michael and family, Tina doesn’t see Carmi as Sydney. This is further proved when Tina Carmi calls Jeff; It’s never explained why she calls him that way, but given her history with the family, it’s clear she’s a good friend (or Michael’s ex-boyfriend?).

She respects Carmi, but she doesn’t respect Sydney. The interesting thing about this situation is that the flaws of both women in the first few episodes hinder any growth in their relationship. It has been made clear that Sidney is an unqualified chef to shop for sandwiches; However, Sydney is green and inexpressive when it comes to that environment. In the episode, “Sheridan,” Bear Gives viewers a glimpse of Sydney’s world, showing that she is at the bottom after the failure of her catering business. Sydney currently lacks any real confidence after such a harsh experience that broke her flat. In the wake of this, Sydney is doing her best to please her cooks, primarily her idol, Carmi; Both women are struggling and dealing with confidence issues.

It’s not a black and white issue as these two are not just about talking about their issues over a nice hot meal. The fascinating part is the revealing truth about humans when they interact with each other. Why is the dynamic so full of complexity when they are both striving for the same goal? Truly, it is in a way a mirror of life. We often over-complicate problems that have simple solutions. Both women are being selfish because they have their own specific goals, yet their past trauma does not allow them to communicate effectively. This is highlighted at the beginning of “Dogs”, when Sidney tries to relate to Tina, but the latter’s guard refuses to go down. The episode focuses on both the women in a subtle way that gives context to both of their characters. Sidney helping her with the potato only angers more negatively from Tina, who feels she is being underestimated again, regardless of her level of experience.

However, once Sidney gives her positive response to the episode’s finale, Tina eventually sees the error of her ways. Her self-doubt and the negativity of past cooks clouded her judgment about someone who understands her position. Calling him Sidney Jeffs by mistake was his way of acknowledging the respect he had for the chef. Their dynamic becomes smooth and friendly after that episode, but Sydney’s life within the kitchen is not easy. She’s still trying to please Carmi, who is struggling with serious issues herself. It eventually comes to a head in “Reviews”. Sidney goes against Carmi’s wishes and hands the food critic a plate of his risotto, which was turned down by his superior. This sets off a firestorm of commands and Carmi turns into this giant douche that screams at everyone they see.

Her scintillating review should have been a significant achievement for Sydney, but it backfired and left her even more vulnerable. In turn, his dynamic changes again with Tina asking her to properly guide her son to the kitchen. This moment shows just how much pressure can affect people as a whole. Among other issues that plague both Tina and Sidney’s relationships, pressure is a figurative source that hangs over both women.

These two are the only women in the kitchen. While Sidney and Tina now have respect for each other, their dynamics are constantly challenged in a world dominated by the men in The Original Beef of Chicagoland. Add to that the fact that Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachracho) is a tough ass for Sydney, so these women are forced to rise to the level that Carmi wants them to. Injustice is being done to the way Carmi is running his kitchen, and Richie doesn’t understand that his aggressive nature is doing more harm than good. These women have the weight of the world on their shoulders and although no man ever comes across as sexist, Bear There is still documentation as to how these two are supposed to thrive in this chaotic world. Sydney and Tina’s relationship is bigger than their dynamism within the kitchen, it’s a showcase of the marks they have from the past. No one can tell how their relationship will turn out in the coming seasons, but watching their complexities will always be an entertaining watch.

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