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Better Call Saul connects Jimmy’s past with Walter White’s present

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Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 11.

in the third to last episode of better call Saul, a pivotal moment that the show was producing, has finally arrived. After several seasons and occasional references, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirkko) finally reunited on screen with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) it was not a moment to celebrate as it shows how Walter became his own selfish force breaking bad, it was Saul who helped set into motion all the events of the original show. Both men, flawed in their own ways, will bring out each other’s evil. This delicately yet critically reframed how the relationship they built would eventually spell doom for everyone around them. It was absolutely right that Kim (Rhea Seehorn) was worried about when she decided to leave Jimmy. She was one hundred percent right about her fear, predicting an impending danger when almost no one else could. The only thing she was wrong about wouldn’t be that she wouldn’t have an affair with Saul. She managed to escape, but this episode reminds us that that hasn’t stopped her from going down a dark path.

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Forever despite warnings from Right Mike (Jonathan Banks) to stay away from the man who would become Heisenberg, Saul could not prevent himself from engaging in what would eventually be his own downfall. Even though he had enough money to live out the rest of his life, he was driven by the greed of not only more money but more power. It was a bleak moment when the show chronicles this cataclysmic moment of Saul going back to talk to Walter as he breaks into the house of a man he intends to steal while one of his co-conspirators wants to bail. was. They had been carrying out this plan for some time, while Saul had said that the looting of the mall would be his last. However, upon learning that the next target was dying of cancer, Saul was the only one who really wanted to continue. As before, he was warned to go further, yet he continued. Despite all the good things that once accompanied Jimmy, Saul still can’t help himself from becoming the worst version of himself. Like he did in the past, he has set the path for even greater self-destruction.

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way better call Saul reintroduces the familiar faces of both Walt and Jesse (Aaron Paul) is not just about putting on cameos, but something deeper. This creates an echo about how Saul, as he did with Walt, continues to interfere with things that others around him may see as bad ideas. It shows how his ego consumes him, making him feel that he can get away with anything and everything. Sure, he’s smart and can make a good plan. What has become clear is that one of Saul’s fatal flaws is that he feels he is invincible—or, more depressingly, he doesn’t care anymore.

Once Kim leaves her, he scoffs at himself to find more to fill the void that was his life now. The call she has in the middle of the episode, which is probably the first time they’ve spoken to each other in years, is one whose details we don’t get to hear. Rather than being disheartened, it tells a lot about how far Saul has gone. He becomes furious over the contents of their call, breaking the phone and putting his foot through the glass of the phone booth. If there was any ray of hope left for the man who had once been Jimmy, it was this time he was killed. He has gone too far, committing himself to dig deeper and deeper now that he is truly alone. like Walt at the end of breaking bad, his own choice has left him with nothing. It’s as if he only wants to be caught once for being Saul.

This brings us all once again to Saul’s sordid past with the former chemistry teacher. Crosscutting back and forth, one visually reflecting the other, reinforces how the man we once knew is gone. This shows how Saul is once again at his greatest danger, unable to stop himself from taking things too far. Even if he is making money once again, he always has more. looking back breaking bad the scene that probably follows better call Saul Just shown us, we see with new eyes how much Saul was liking Walter. While he always pretended to keep himself away from the operation, he was there from the very beginning, describing himself as a mute fellow. Now instead of opening the door calmly, Saul broke it down. He is pretended that he has anything to preserve. It’s not just falling from grace, he’s throwing himself first into the pit of darkness. Only this time, he has nothing to stop him from swallowing it whole. The past he shares with Walter was only the beginning of a cycle of nostalgia that is now repeating itself once again. As Saul spins completely out of control, the only thing more painful is how unavoidable it all is. His past is his present and vice versa.

The use of flashbacks in this episode is much more than just being a reference or a callback. Instead, it’s a way of telling more deeply the story that’s going on both now and in Saul’s past. Whatever he is and always will be is a product of all his bad decisions. This past not only provides insight into its present, but it predicts how it will go down again. Saul is an old dog who can’t learn any new tricks, is doomed to chase after speeding cars, even if he gets hit while running down the street. The cruel world they created for themselves with Walt all those years ago is the responsibility of both men, a sad testament to their respective arrogance. Saul has never taken any responsibility, leaving him completely unchanged by his past. He is going through the same motion, while either remaining oblivious or oblivious to what it will do to him. Just as Walt destroys his life with a desire for more that could not be satiated, Saul is following in his exact footsteps. Only now, he has no one to condemn except himself. Saul has become the architect of his own destruction, the kind of man he blames for the breakdown of his life, more than he would ever care to admit.

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