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Fifteen-Love: Aidan Turner, Ella Lilly Hyland to star in #MeToo tennis drama

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Aidan Turner And ella lily highland ,silent roar) teaming up as coach and player for Prime Video’s new tennis drama fifteen-love, according to variety. This is the first series from mind Hania Elkington, and it follows a rising tennis star’s relationship with the coach who helped her rise to the top. Not everything is as it seems on the surface, as the allegations change the dynamics of their union for the masses.

fifteen-love It is a fictional story that centers on young tennis player Justin Pearce (Hyland), whose rapid ascension to stardom in Grand Slam tennis shocked everyone. With the help of her coach, Glenn Lapthorne (Turner), she moves closer to victory at the French Open – one of the biggest stages in all of tennis. Reaching the semi-final match, however, he suffered a devastating injury that would cut his career tragically. Five years later, at age 22, she has returned to her old tennis academy, Longwood, to work as a therapist, but she once again hit the world when she came out with serious allegations against her former coach. Surprised. After hearing her story, the context of her and Glenn’s harmonious relationship has changed, and the public must reconsider their success together.

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Elkington both writes and executive produces together. Jake Lushington ,procession) for World Productions. Eva Riley ,perfect ten) And toby macdonald ,rag dollact as directors with Natasha Romaniucci ,suspicious) Production. Elkington is a relative newcomer on the scene, with her only writing credits coming with several episodes. innocent another episode of Essex Serpents, Despite this being her first series behind the wheel, Turner and Hyland had nothing but love for her story. Turner said in a statement:

Haniya’s script and characters are so incredibly layered and nuanced, tackling themes and issues within the game world that I don’t think have been explored on screen before. I am excited to play the complex role of Glenn and can’t wait to work with Ella, Haniya, World Productions, Prime Video and the rest of the cast to bring this important story to life.

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Hyland said in a separate statement, “When I read ‘Fifteen-Love,’ I immediately felt how important and unique the story is. Hania’s writing is looking at gray areas in the dynamics of relationships and power. Justin is so gorgeous, The character is complex. I feel very fortunate to be playing her and be part of such a brave and courageous team.”

Will be joined in the series by Turner and Hyland Anna Chancellor ,Crown, Jessica Darrow ,encanto, Tom Vereau ,ridley road, lorenzo richelmi ,marco polo, manon azemo ,judge sir, Elizabeth Berrington ,Navarro, Amar Chadha-Patel ,willow), And Stephen Rodri ,house of dragons) with a couple of newcomers Maria Margarida Almeida And Harmony Rose-Bremner, Turner has built a solid resume for herself hobbit The franchise stands out as his most famous appearance, although he has most recently starred in the historical drama series leonardo, Meanwhile, Hyland is earlier in her career, though she is set to make her film debut in the upcoming silent roar,

Elkington explained his reasoning for wanting to make the series in his own statement, citing the growing influence of female athletes. He said:

The voice of women in sport has never been heard so loudly and clearly in the last two years. From Simone Biles to Naomi Osaka, Emma Radukanu to Pam Shriver, the pressures and realities of being at the top of your game on the world stage are finally coming to our fore, making us look again at the price our young prodigies pay. can do. They work so hard to achieve the goals. Writing this play, and the people I’ve met through my deep dive into researching it, are revelatory. I hope ‘Fifteen-Love’ will have a similar impact on its audience, and can become another valuable part of this urgent, evolving story.

fifteen-love Currently shooting and will launch on Prime Video in the UK and Ireland next year.

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