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How did Better Call Saul bring Walt and Jesse back?

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Editor’s Note: The article below contains spoilers for Season 6 of Better Call Saul.from day better call Saul First announced in 2013, fans have debated whether Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul), two of our favorite meth cooks breaking bad, will ever make an appearance in the spinoff. Since then, the prequel series has managed to stand on its own two feet, making fans so invested in the moral collapse of Jimmy McGill in Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) As they were years ago for the fate of Walt and Jesse. Now, in the third to final episode of the series, the two shows finally intersect in the aptly titled episode, “Breaking Bad”. written and directed by Thomas Schnauz.

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the end of breaking bad And el camino Give definitive answers to Walt and Jesse’s ultimate fate and the episode does not interfere with either, instead showing both in flashbacks to the day Saul met the two so that he could do business with them in the first place. Why did I come? From time to time, throughout the episode, we jump back and forth between points breaking bad The timeline for Jean in Nebraska, after that, all fell apart.

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The episode begins with a familiar scene: Saul holds a bag over his head as Walt and Jesse take him to the desert in an attempt to intimidate Badger (Matt Jones, not to throw them out. what is not seen in breaking bad Occurs right after Saul successfully negotiates a way out of the situation. They are welcomed into the infamous RV in which Walt and Jesse used to cook, and quickly put together what is responsible for the infamous Blue Meth. The RV’s engine overheats and they stop for a few minutes. Jesse then wonders who Lalo is, to which Saul replies, “He’s nobody,” before quickly changing the subject. It’s clear how scared Saul is still of Lalo, although he probably knows he’s dead by this point. The engine finally starts, and three stops. It’s a relatively short scene, but it’s truly amazing how easily Cranston and Paul get back into their characters a decade later. There are hardly two characters in the history of TV who fight as much as they do over everything.

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The scene may seem irrelevant at first glance. After all, if it was important to the plot breaking bad it might have been in Breaking Bad. It doesn’t reveal to the audience as much about Walt and Jesse as it does showing a certain human interaction between the three, while also showing how bad Walt and Jesse were in Saul’s eyes. Where the scene really excels, though, is how it explains Jimmy’s mind to the viewer. Elsewhere in the show, Walt and Jesse’s cameos would have been essentially meaningless because they did nothing to advance the understanding of the main character we’ve been following for six seasons. The way he works is only relevant after understanding what we’ve seen before and the scene finds resonance on a character and thematic level.

This becomes clear at the end of the episode when there is another flashback. breaking bad Times. mike (Jonathan Banks) arrives at Saul’s office after Saul conducts a background check on Walt and Jesse. In Mike’s eyes, they are amateurs who are either handcuffed or tied for a bullet to the head, and he advises Saul not to work with them. Saul already has enough business ventures going on so that he doesn’t need Walt or Jesse to make money, however, as Chuck and Howard (Michael McKean And Patrick Fabian) has said throughout the series, he just can’t help himself.

The final shot in the Walt and Jesse scene shows RV walking away as the camera focuses on the grave they dug to scare Saul when he transitions to Jean, lying on his bed as if He himself is in the abyss. Saul Goodman died because he couldn’t help but get involved with the infamous Heisenberg, and now Jean is digging his own grave by making the same mistakes. The episode’s final scene shows Saul, against his better judgment, entering the all-too-familiar JP Wynne High School, which Walt teaches. That decision set him on a path that changed his life forever. Now, as Jean sneaks into a trail’s house, she finds out who has cancer, He may have condemned himself to the same fate.

, new episodes of better call SaulThe final season airs Monday nights on AMC.

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