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Hulu Uncertain About Marvel’s Future. Hit-Monkey Season 2, MODOK Season 2 and Other TV Series. – Entrendz Showbizz

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Marvel Television’s Future Updates: It seems that Marvel Television’s era may be over. During the platform’s winter TCA presentation, Craig Erwich (the platform’s content boss) expressed doubts about any future Marvel content being made available on the platform.

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According to the executive, the platform does not plan to renew MOOK or Hit-Monkey. These animated shows were the last ones made by the production company helmed originally by Jeph Loeb.

What is Marvel’s Future Future?

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Erwich stated that Marvel and the team would make decisions regarding the brand and franchise. Alex Zalben from Decider said that Erwich wanted to avoid answering the question about whether projects would be on the streamer.

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MODOK and Hit-Monkey were to merge with two other streams in a common cartoon universe. Marvel Television was simultaneously working on a live-action segment about horror for the MCU. This included Ghost Rider and Helstrom. However, the latter was dropped.FVFV

Hulu was long rumored to be a home for adult-oriented Marvel Studios content. However, the Kevin Feige-led studio seems happy with its current Disney+ agreements. Deadpool 3 is the only R-rated entertainment Feige and company have in development at this time.

Feige said, “We’re currently working on a screenplay, and Ryan is supervising it right now.” Ryan is an actor who is very busy. Although we have already shown a few items that will need to be manufactured, it is wonderful to see the process get underway. Ryan is a different kind of character in MCU. Ryan is also a force of nature. It’s amazing to see him bring that character alive.

Hulu now has the first seasons of MODOK, Hit-Monkey and Helstrom.

Which Marvel Cinematic Universe series would be your favorite to watch on Hulu We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter. Contact Adam Barnhardt, our writer, for all things Marvel

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