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Johanna Constantine of The Sandman explained: Love never ends

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Editor’s Note: The article below contains some spoilers for Netflix’s The Sandman.Netflix’s adaptation Neil Gaiman‘s the Sandman Sticks closer to the original comic books to the point where some scenes seem to be taken straight off the pages. However, the series takes many liberties with some characters, such as Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman), a gender-bent version of DC’s iconic exorcist, John Constantine. But why did the series decide to change the character? And how does the TV show compare to the original comic book character? Now that the Sandman Finally available on Netflix, let’s discuss the series’ use of Johanna Constantine.

There are two main reasons why John decided to gender-bending into Johanna for the show. The first, more obvious reason relates to the rights of the character. When Gaiman Started Writing the Sandman The series, their comic book storyline, intertwined with the larger DC universe, so it was easy to page out the many heroes and villains from various comic book series. the Sandman, like John Constantine, Mr. Miracle, and even the Martian Manhunter. This could not happen in Netflix’s series because they did not have rights to use other DC characters. And even if they did, it would be confusing to put classic DC heroes in the middle of the series — there’s a reason why even the Sandman Comics became increasingly disconnected from the larger DC universe.

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The second reason for the change is that Johanna Constantine is actually two different people. the Sandman Universe. In the comic books, Dream meets Johanna three centuries before crossing paths with her descendant John. So, for the series, the SandmanThe creative team of the film thought it would be more interesting to play both the parts of the same actress. As Gaiman himself said TwitterKeeping the same actress “seemed more difficult” to portray the two versions of Johanna at different moments in history.

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Netflix’s Johanna Constantine is a very similar character to John. They are both English exorcists who usually help wealthy people get rid of demons and other supernatural dangers. The Netflix series also features a detailed introduction to Johanna that helps showcase her abilities, traumas, and motivations. It’s a wonderful addition that allows the series to stand apart from the DC universe – in the comic books, it wasn’t necessary to introduce John Constantine, but the show should explain everything the audience needs to understand.

In the series, Dreams (tom sturridge) The fatal encounter with Johanna Constantine also follows the general story. prelude and nocturnal, the first volume of Gaiman’s Endless Saga. After escaping from prison, where he spent more than a century, Dream must seek the means of his power to recreate Dreaming and capture the runaway nightmare. One of these devices, the Pouch of Dream Sand, was last seen in the possession of Johanna Constantine. So, Dream enlists the help of the exorcist to track down his powerful device.

As it turns out, Pouch is in the possession of Constantine’s ex-boyfriend, Rachel (Eleanor FanincaUnfortunately, Constantine leaves the pouch behind while leaving at midnight, and six months later, Rachel is completely drained of dreams. Unaware of Pouch’s powers, Rachel is trapped in a bed, unable to move, dreaming non-stop about her lost love. Finally, after months under Pouch’s spell, Rachel could only survive holding the tool. So, once Dream and Constantine retrieve the item, Rachel dies.

Unlike in the comic books, Rachel is not portrayed as a drug addict who stole the pouch, making the story of her TV show even more tragic. That’s because Rachel’s passing is entirely Constantine’s fault. After helping Dream retrieve her pouch, Johanna is finally relieved of a recurring nightmare in which she has to witness the loss of life due to her failures. Sadly for her, she earns another bad memory in the process.

the Sandman Available now on Netflix. Watch the series trailer below:

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