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Lost Olly Trailer Shows Toy Finding Its Home in Netflix Series

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even though khoya oli Announced all the way back in 2020, Netflix has been surprisingly silent when it came to teasing us about the upcoming limited series. Aside from the cast performances and the photos that first surfaced in late June, we were still missing a trailer. Now, as the series’ premiere date draws closer than ever, Streamer finally decided to give us a deeper look into the story and what we can expect from its tone and rhythm. The show centers around a stuffed animal who, after being separated from his owner and best friend, embarks on an adventure to get back to him.

even though khoya oliThe premise gave fans some “live-action” toy story“When it was first announced, the trailer proves that the story is probably going in a bleak direction, with a protagonist who looks and sounds a little sad. toy story There are similarities, however, including the toy’s tight bond with the human, and the other strange toys Ollie meets in his quest to return home.

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The trailer also reveals that khoya oli It’s going to be an adventure full of hearts, as the title character gets a chance to meet humans and other toys that teach him some lessons about life. In addition, the trailer showcases an excellent mix of CGI and stop-motion animation that brings Ollie and his toy friends to life – which explains why khoya oli There will also be a visual spectacle.

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khoya oli based on a children’s book Ollie’s Odyssey Famous author and painter William Joyce, The series has been adapted for television by Shannon Tindall ,kubo and two strings, Coraline), who serves as producer, writer and executive producer. The episode is directed by an Academy Award winner Peter Ramsey ,Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) who also serves as executive producer.

cast the voice of khoya oli features Jonathan Groff ,mindhunter) as Ollie, Mary J. Blige ,Umbrella Academy) as Rosie, a fierce warrior teddy bear stitched with parts from other toys, and Tim Blake Nelson ,nightmare alley) as Zozo, a clown doll who is an old toy and an even bigger soul who is ready to give Ollie great advice. Live-action section of the cast features Kessler Talbot ,50 states of fear) as Ollie’s best friend Billy, and Gina Rodriguez ,Jane the Virgin) And Jake Johnson ,minx) as Billy’s parents.

Netflix premiered all four episodes of khoya oli on 24 August.

You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official summary here:

‘Lost Ollie’ is an epic adventure about a lost toy who faces many childhood dangers as he explores the countryside to reunite with the boy who lost him; And the story of the boy who lost more than a best friend. It is a heartwarming story for all of us child, remembering the special souls we have lost but who changed our lives forever.

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