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Nancy Drew Season 4: Kennedy McMann discusses Ness and What Lies Next

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Nancy Drew It might not return until 2023, but the show has been quite a success — surviving the onslaught of recent cancellations at The CW. And with filming recently beginning in Vancouver, not only can fans of the show celebrate the fact that the show survived another day to fight cancellation, but details about the show’s next season begin to pour in. has gone. While Nancy drew herself, Kennedy McManoCouldn’t reveal much, she joined The Wayne Ayers podcast to talk about the recently canceled Nancy & Ace, the upcoming season, and more.

The CW has made a lot of headlines lately, canceling more than 10 shows in 2022, with the latest victims being glow (with a final 9th ​​season), effectively ending the Arrowverse, and Nancy DrewVery spin-off tom swift, which aired its last episode on August 2. Despite several cancellations, it did not affect the morale on the sets. McMann told Ayers, “I feel very lucky that we’re still on the air. I don’t know if the writers are planning for that. [a cancellation], It certainly isn’t the atmosphere around the set, but we don’t have all the episodes yet. I don’t know how the season ends. As far as I know, I think everyone is planning and hoping that we will continue this show for as long as we are able.” We can all take a breath. little It’s easy to know no official news of the final season for Nancy Drew Has grabbed headlines.

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McMann confirmed and denied some of our theories and thoughts about the upcoming season. And while we still don’t know what supernatural horrors will infect Horseshoe Bay, she did give some insight into the characters and themes:

a lot of seasons are about becoming adults and each [The Drew Crew’s] Your personal trips like that. From a career perspective as well, they are all starting their official adult lives in many ways. If they lived there earlier they have moved out of their parents’ homes. Nancy opened her own investigative business. George is studying law. Bess is the new savior of the historical society. Nick is figuring out where he stands with everything now that Nick and George break up. Ace started working in the morgue.

Something has happened to all of these branches… There’s also the primary mystery of the season that begins in the first episode that naturally unites them, and they’ll all work together to solve it throughout the season.

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related: The CW’s ‘Nancy Drew’: Why we shouldn’t worry about Nancy and Ace She didn’t forget about Nancy and Ace either. When it comes to them, things will surely be juicy. “I think it’s a new chapter for them in their relationships with each other, and their openness to each other and their ability to be emotionally dependent on each other is at an all-time high. I think it’s Something like ‘I really wanted Nancy to be able to have that experience with someone and be really emotionally vulnerable with someone else. So, that’s definitely a part of it.’

But if you think you have any idea about what’s going to happen between them this season, think again. She continued, “I think it will be unexpected the way writers take this curse and what they have to do in terms of their relationships with each other and how to navigate it. I love reading this That’s what the fans had to say. About the show and I read a lot of people’s theories and things, and by now everyone is wrong. I think it would be really unexpected and really satisfying. In the nature of our show “It’s incredibly romantic and beautiful and absolutely heartwarming and painful and all of the above.”

you can catch Nancy Drew Listen to The Wayne Ayers podcast next year on The CW and more at the link below.

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