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Nathan Fielder’s awkwardness helps pull rehearsals together

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Rehearsal A documentary for HBO in which contestants help show creators prepare for big life events Nathan Fielder, People familiar with Fielder’s work, such as fans of his Comedy Central series Nathan for you, will feel at home with your funny personality taking center stage. As he explains in Episode 1, his “personality can make people uncomfortable, so [he has] to work to offset it. “Even the guests are awkward looking, they seem comfortable opening the space that the fielder creates. Whether it’s genuine shyness or a spectacular improvisational performance, his moments of prolonged silence inspire people to talk. He’s also genuinely interested in what people are talking about, however mundane, which leads people to elaborate and often brings hilarious twists to conversations. Shows participants their talent for extracting humor from seemingly ordinary moments without making fun of or alienating them Rehearsal Its unique comic voice.

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Viewers get their first taste of Fielder’s bizarre appreciation for reality as the show begins. The core skeet is the first participant Rehearsal, and he needs help to prepare his group of trivia teammates to admit that he is lying to them about having a master’s degree. When Nathan enters her home, he makes small talk about the interior design of Cor and quips about her books. Only when he tells Core what the premise of the show is, that they’re going to be hiring actors and carefully rehearsing meetings with his teammates, do we learn that Nathan has spent his time with Core. Rehearsed for meeting. Before meeting the contestants and filming the show, Nathan hired people as a building inspector to look over and re-build Cor’s apartment, then he hired an actor to run through potential conversations. . You get to see every joke they make while walking around the apartment again, but in a replica apartment with a fake core.

While it can be upsetting to the average participant to learn that Fielder has a 1:1 replica of his apartment housed in a storage facility, the core is more concerned with how a particular teammate will react to his confession. . He won’t even tell Nathan the name of the specific partner that worries him. Instead of making fun of her, Nathan decides to befriend Guest in order to make her more open in conversation. Fielder’s comedy thrives on stochasticity. Their openness to change leads to hilarious moments, as they share personal stories by a heated pool. This also gets Core to open up, and when he tells Nathan about his friend Tricia and her blog, Nathan again uses this information as an opportunity to create a fake blog called Thrifty Boy.

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Another great example of creating space for your guests to express themselves and be honest leads to some of the happiest moments Rehearsal Comes later in the first episode in which Core comes to terms with his unwillingness to lose common sense. Rehearsing the big confession, which he and Nathan decide would be a common sense one-night stand with Tricia, Core admits that he would probably skip the mission if he thought it would up his trivia game. is throwing. When faced with a man who has two completely conflicting desires, Fielder is able to create an absurd moment. He decides that it is best to answer without telling Kor because Kor will never agree to cheat. He painstakingly obtains answers by posing as the host of the fake Thrifty Boy blog, so he can film the actual trivia host giving his readers questions to follow at home. He then hires actors to stand around the city as pedestrians and workers who act trivia in everyday snippets, like a policeman cursing China for inventing gunpowder. And a construction worker reminds passersby that the impressive building going up is not as tall as the world-record-holder Burj Khalifa. By listening to the core’s needs and using an HBO-sized budget to meet them, Fielder turns the ordinary reality of coming clean for an acquaintance into a true epic.

Fielder creates more spectacles of mundane life living in Oregon, where he plans an elaborate parenthood rehearsal that includes rotating child actors for hopeful parent Angela. Nathan is great at helping Angela find a co-parent. Despite her particular cravings in a man, Nathan works with her, even acting as a babysitter when she goes on dates. the man she eventually agrees to part with Rehearsal Robin is with him. Robin is also an interesting person. He suffers multiples of 11 and agrees to co-parent with celibate Angela under the assumption that he can convince her to join him. He also takes Nathan to his apartment, treating Nathan to his numerological ramblings. In his place, Nathan follows Robin’s attempts to sneak a bong into his bag, his close fight with a similar-aggro roommate, and his attempt to drive without a license plate pelting stones. Fielder is almost too friendly, given that this person was being driven to take care of the kids. Fortunately, even though Robin didn’t bail out Angela for several hours on the night of the crying robot baby, the entire show has been filmed and the production could make sure he was at least acting like he was around the kids. was fit to live.

Fielder co-parents with Angela. He gears up for Halloween with a child-playing actor and helps cover up Angela’s frustration at the importance of not celebrating the biggest demonic holiday. Angela’s openness to her scheming suggestions leads to other hilarious back-and-forth, including seriously entertaining her and Googling whether Halloween had satanic origins. She is able to shed light on a situation where an older woman is afraid to dress up as Catwoman without explicitly mocking her guest or alienating her. He does the same with his other Oregonian guest Patrick, drawing attention to the absurdity of his bigotry without openly mocking him. The fabricated scene where Patrick helps the old man find (and wipe) the gold is also a hilarious twist, one Nathan felt was needed to emotionally connect Patrick to his life-event simulation. Fielder is great at tuning in to moments and conversations to figure out exactly what opportunities to look for when crafting a documentary television series.

Rehearsal There is a masterclass in improvisation. After all, paying attention to the moment and finding the best aspects to respond to is a long way of saying “yes, and…” Fielder, despite his awkwardness or intimidation, has amazing chemistry with people who appear on screen. He talks openly to people, directs the conversation toward aspects he finds funny, and expands on what he finds to make them more strong humorous moments. Rehearsal Fielder credits his unique comedic voice for being awkwardly inviting with words.

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