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NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii Crossover Premiere Date Set at CBS

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CBS will start NCIS And NCIS: Hawaii The new season kicks off with a crossover premiere event in which the cast of both series will take part in the hunt for a dangerous criminal. The two-hour premiere will begin NCISThe landmark 20th season on the network, with NCIS: Hawaii Going to your sophomore outing. It all starts on September 19 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and Paramount+.

lead the event NCIS With a premiere that starts right where Season 19 left off – with Special Agent Alden Parker (gary cole) and his ex-wife Vivian (terry polo) on the lam after the former was framed for fraud. Meanwhile, the rest of the team, working tirelessly to clear his name, investigate any old connections to find someone who might have it for him. For some extra help, they bring NCIS: HawaiiJane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and Ernie Malik (Jason Anton) to help track down last season’s big bad extremist The Raven, who seems like the prime suspect. Jane and Ernie Leon were in the nation’s capital to meet Vance (Rocky Carroll) about a global military operation that leads directly into NCIS Hawaii premiere.

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The second half of the event follows Tennant as he accompanies NCISNick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) to hunt ravens on the island of Oahu. The stakes are incredibly high, however, as they learn he is preparing an attack on RIMPAC (The Rim of the Pacific Exercise), the largest international naval warfare military exercise in the world. More NCIS including artists gary cole, Brian DietzenAnd Diona ReasonoverAlso set to appear in full episodes.

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This is the second time the two shows have met for a crossover, although CBS is certainly having fun promoting this latest union. Courtesy of People An exclusive and hilarious teaser shows Lachey being constantly interrupted by Valderrama while she tries to tell everyone about a top-secret, fan-favorite guest arriving in Hawaii . By now both Valderrama and Law should be familiar with the crew at NCIS Pearl Harbor after they leave for their Season 1 crossover, so expect them to fit right in with Lachey when the matter comes up.

trilogy of NCIS series, which also includes NCIS: Los Angeles, was renewed for CBS back in March after continuing to draw high viewership. Going into season 20, NCIS is still the #1 broadcast television series and continues to make waves on social media, scoring a whopping “95.8 billion potential social media impressions” during season 19. NCIS: HawaiiMeanwhile, #1 tied for new play last year after introducing fans to the first female NCIS team leader in Jane Tennant of Lachey.

NCIS And NCIS: Hawaii Broadcast one after the other on September 19th. Watch the original trailer for the Hawaii spin-off below.

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