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Pachinko Ep4: Sun-Ja Gets Married and Gives Birth, Solomon Searching For Hana In Japan – Entrendz Showbizz

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Koh-Hansu may try to stop Sun Ja from getting married in Pachinko Ep 4. She will refuse to listen to her ex-lover and stand up for herself. After Sun-Ja leaves to start a new family, he will miss his son. Solomon will start to look for Hana even in the most remote parts of Japan. Continue reading to find out all about the fourth episode.

Pachinko Ep 4: What’s Next?

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The fourth episode of Pachinko is called “My Blood”. Koh Hansu will approach Sun Ja and ask her to not marry Isak. He will tell her she should stay because she is carrying his blood in the belly. Sun-Ja, however, will decline his request and marry Isak. She will then give birth to her son and leave behind her old life. Sun-Ja might have Solomon’s son, who is also the owner of Pachinko Parlour.

Koh-Hansu, however, will still long for his son and will make every effort to find him. Sun-Ja would be troubled by his efforts to meet his son. Solomon will continue to search for Hana during the eighties. His search will take him to the most criminally run part of Japan. Sun-Ja and her son will finally travel to Korea to scatter Kyung-Hee’s ashes.

Here’s a quick recap!

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Sun-Ja was shocked when Koh Hansu revealed that he was married with three children. Koh Hansu informed her that they must keep their affair secret. Kim Sun-Ja told her mother about her pregnancy.

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In Pachinko Ep 3 a Christian priest named Baek Itsak was at the boarding home run by Sun-Ja’s mother and heard their conversation. Sun-Ja was taken out to dinner by Isak. He suggested that she surrender the baby to adoption. Sun-Ja was determined to care for her child, even though it would mean being outdone by society. Isak apologised to Sun-Ja for proposing to him for marriage. Sun-Ja was moved to tears when he proposed to her.

Baek Solomon, meanwhile, tries to convince the landowner to let her property go. He asked his grandmother for help in convincing her to sell. They became close friends over their shared desire to return to Korea. Solomon was able to convince the lady as he celebrated with his coworkers. Hana called Solomon to inform him that Hana was in a brothel when she fell ill.

Sun-Ja also told her son that she wanted Kyung-Hee’s ashes to be spread in Korea. Sunja and Kyunghee wanted to go home, but they were unsuccessful in their attempt.

Pachinko Ep4: Airing Date

Pachinko Ep 4 will be released by Apple TV+ on April 1, 2022. A new episode will be released every Friday at 12:00 AM. ET. ET. Don’t miss the fourth episode, and don’t forget about the other exciting episodes available only at n TechRadar247.com.

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