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Paper Girls: The Difference Between Comics and Shows

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2022 is proving to be a great year for biking kids of the ’80s – or a terrible year, depending on whether you’re one of those kids or just enjoy watching them fight evil. Netflix after releasing the long-awaited fourth season of its hit show strange things Between June and July, Prime Video produced all eight episodes of its latest science-fiction coming-of-age story paper girls Available to stream.

Based on the comic book series of the same name Brian K. von And rock chiang, paper girls It’s got it all: time-travel, giant robots, weird interactions with future versions of themselves, and an even more awkward first period. However, fans who know Erin (Riley Lai Nelet), Tiffany (Camry Jones), kj (fina straza), and Mac (Sofia Rosinski) Comics will soon reveal that some things are not exactly the same. Much of the source material was changed in the on-screen adaptation of the story. Here are 15 differences between paper girls The comic series and its Prime Video counterpart.

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1. How Girls Meet

episode 1 paper girls Just like in the comics, young Erin wakes up with chickens to do her first paper route on Hell Day, 1988. However, on the show, he is harassed by a racist neighbor, who accuses him of stealing his paper and is saved by Tiffany. The two girls later run into Mack and rush to help KJ, who is attacked by a gang of teenagers in costume. In the comics, Erin is bullied by teenagers, and three more experienced paper girls come to her rescue.

2. Equipment of STF

The mysterious device that is eventually revealed to be a supercomputer has been given to the girls by heck (Kai Young) and naldo (William Bennett) in the show. In the comics, however, they pick up the device after falling from the pocket of a mysterious Standard Time fighter who attacks them during Hell Day. There’s also the Apple logo on the back of the original device, making the girls realize it’s a computer of sorts, but perhaps the show should have been picked up by a different streaming service if the writers wanted to keep that part. ,

3. Meeting Adult Erin

Circumstances in which girls meet adult Erin (Ali Wong) is also slightly different from the comics. On the show when they go to Erin’s house and run into a much older version of her, in the story of Won and Chiang, the girls jump in front of adult Erin’s car as she is driving and talking on the phone. Oh, and the person she’s talking to is her sister Missy (jessica van), about his very lively and emoji-loving mother.

4. The Erins and the Tiffany’s

As a comic series, paper girls Very plot driven. Even though we get to see the girls mature through their journey, there are only a few pages devoted to their background and inner life. Such character exploration gets more space in the show. To do this, however, the writers changed a few things about the girls’ relationships with their futures. Adult Erin and Tiffany (Sekai Abeni), for example, doesn’t have as much in common with their comic book versions.

Won and Chiang’s Erin still lives in Stony Stream, but not in their childhood home. She’s not a paralegal, she’s a writer for the Cleveland Preserver, and her mother is still alive. Missy is still a helicopter pilot, but the relationship between the two sisters soured after her mother passed away for the show. Comic book Erin is too quick to accept and help the girls as time-travellers, and young Erin is too kind to see her grown up. Adult Erin also makes it alive with all the time-travel shenanigans. Yes, she is the one who activates the device and reads its instructions, but the little computer only takes them to the abandoned mall, where they run into another version of Erin (who will appear on the show sometime in the future). can be seen). The adult Erin is shot, but Missy saves the day, and the girls go on with their journey on their own.

Adult Tiffany is more involved in the adventures of girls than adult Erin, but not exactly like she is on the show. In the comics, she is never kicked out of MIT due to a mental health crisis, after discovering that she has been adopted. Comics have been aware of Tiffany’s adoption since she was a young child, and as an adult, she attended business school at NYU. Her clothing style is heavily gothic, and instead of having a futuristic relationship, she is happily married to an equally black-clad young man. She is not responsible for inventing time-travel, but she travels to the future with her younger self.

5. KJ’s Self-Discovery

KJ’s quasi-relationship with his future also changes drastically from pages to screen. In the comics, the adult KJ never appears. On the other hand, in the show, KJ learns a lot about his growing up (Delia Cunningham), despite never sharing a scene with him. In 1999, she played the adult K.J. girlfriend, lauren (Maran Lord), about their shared love for movies and other girls.

6. Mac’s Family

Mack’s tragic fate in the comics and Prime Video series is similar, though the type of cancer that eventually kills him changes from leukemia to cerebral lymphoma. However, in Won and Chiang’s original story, she learns of her death from an unknown man living in her childhood home who tells her that her family is gone after her daughter passes away. On the show, she tracks down her older brother, Dylan, who becomes a doctor after seeing his sister’s demise. Mac and Dylan share some really cool moments setting off firecrackers and chatting about their spoiled childhoods that are completely absent from the comics.

7. How Erin Is Shot

Mack’s family as a whole isn’t that important in the show’s source material. The only person the readers meet is his stepmother, Alice (Rebecca Spence), but not as the woman who stands by Mac’s bedside and carries flowers to his grave on his birthday. Readers are introduced to Alice when the girls first take refuge in Mack’s house during the captivity. After seeing her husband being carried away from their bed, Alice is convinced they are living through euphoria and threatens to shoot herself in the head. While trying to snatch the gun from his stepmother, Mack accidentally shoots Erin. On the show, Mack’s house is empty, and she shoots Erin while trying to stop KJ from taking the gun from her.

8. KJ’s Hockey Stick and Abandoned Mall

In the Prime Video series, KJ loses his hockey stick after killing a member of the Old Watch, who incidentally was Priore’ (adina porter) Brother. After this, Priyes uses the stick as a lead to find the girls. In the comics, the wand remains in KJ’s possession, and the girls use them to send a message through time that reaches young and adult Erin at the abandoned mall. The message warns them not to trust the other Erin, and, for a second, it seems pretty clear to whom it refers. But things soon go awry when Tiffany and Mac arrive on the scene with a standard time fighter who looks like 12-year-old Erin…

9. Larry and Juniper

Speaking of Standard Time Fighters, Larry (Nate Corddry) and juniper (Celeste Arias) were made just for the show. In the comics, the girls get some help from a defunct STF member in the ’90s, but she’s an entirely other character who may or may not appear in the series’ second season.

10. Eye of STF

The time-travelling members of STF tend to be a lot less dashing than they show in the comics. While Prime Video heck and Naldo still wear their futuristic outfit and covered with metallic pimples, as Grand Father (Jason Mantzoukas), they lack scars and abscesses that give them a mutant-like appearance. Their organization was never properly named by Won and Chiang.

11. Vintage Clock Lingo

In the comics, both STF and Old Watch speak in ways that are hard enough for a regular person to understand. But while the STF speaks an entirely foreign language, represented in pages by strange symbols, the vast majority of Old Watch members, or simply Old-timers, speak in a mix of Old English and contemporary slang, which Give us gems ” Catch. Are you a local?”.

12. Monsters Everywhere

Aside from four paper girls jumping from decade to decade with a spaceship on its tracks, everything looks pretty normal. paper girls TV universe. If you are not connected to any sort of time mediators, you can move on with our lives without ever realizing that something strange is going on. On the other hand, in the comics, it’s pretty hard not to notice creatures like pterodactyls and giant tardigrades fighting each other in the middle of the road, taking advantage of tears in the time-space continuum. In the series, we only get to see one pterodactyl: the Grand Father’s pet, Tessa.

13. Robot Fighting

We only get to see the two robots fighting each other in the show, in a scene that ends with the death of adult Erin. The girls also get a good fight scene, which is quite painful for young Erin. In the story of Won and Chiang, none of the Erins are harmed during the many simultaneous mecha fights in 1999. The only named character to kick it off during one of these battles is Preres, and the only person who can see the giant robots going at him. Tiffany’s.

14. Priority ‘Betrayal’

The role of Priece in the series is much larger than in the comics. In the show’s source material, he dies during a robot fight, and not much is revealed about his origins. In the show, viewers are told that the person KJ killed was his brother and that he was reluctantly dragged into the Time War as a child after an attack by the STF. To stop the war from the start, she betrays the Old Watch and sends the girls back in time instead of erasing their memories to prevent adult Tiffany from inventing time travel. He is then discovered and killed by the Grand Father.

15. How girls fall apart

ok girls split up very During his adventures in the comics, so it probably isn’t a significant difference per se. However, the way the show ends is completely new. paper girls Universe. In the comics, the girls are not taken to the Cathedral of the Old Watch together and never travel in groups from two different points of view. Erin and Tiffany’s journey into the ’50s is a new addition to the story, and who knows where TV Mack and KJ ended up. Hopefully, a second season will be on the way to solve these mysteries.

, all 8 episodes of paper girls Available to stream on Prime Video.

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