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Riverdale Season 6 Has Been Off the Rails, But One Thing Has Changed for the Better

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The multiverse itself is collapsing, an immortal villain is coming back to seek his revenge after hundreds of years, and a comet is set to wipe out the planet — these are just some of the key plot points from The CW’s sixth season. riverdale, As magic wormed its way into the world, the universe gave our heroes Archie-like supernatural abilities (KJ Temper) to be invincible and Cheryl (madelaine petsch) to be used for causing pyrokinesis, to control and to protect the day from nefarious Percival Pickens (Chris O’Shea,

More magical events happened. At one point later in the season, Percival casts a curse that kills about half of our beloved characters, and who live in Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) from netflix chilling adventures of sabrina To help resurrect the dead, only for Cheryl to discover and use her phoenix abilities to bring all (and more) back alone. Despite the stories being derailed and more grim than ever, that’s telling riverdaleThe series turned things around in a special way that really allowed this story and this season to shine.

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The series has always been disappointingly lacking, featuring all the main characters in the season’s overarching story. From the very beginning, it became Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (cole sprouse), as those two characters investigate mysteries, often together, that keep the city terrified and in danger. First of all, it was an interesting way riverdale, Betty and Jughead were quite a pair, both in mysteries and in their romance. But, around the third season, it got tiring, as we were seeing the same thing playing out and the other stars — namely, Archie, Veronica, and Cheryl, who at the time centered the series primarily with Betty and Jughead. Were – the driving force of the abandoned season. In comparison, their stories were often not that interesting and weren’t written to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and to give theories about what will be uncovered/how things will progress in upcoming episodes. And, despite getting tired so quickly and the show being heavily criticized afterward, it continued for two more seasons.

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The recently concluded sixth season changed things beyond the beginning of magic. In the season-long story the top players changed… or, rather, there were no top players, as everyone was given the chance to help out and participate in a fight with Percival Pickens. For example, Season 5 newcomer Tabitha Tate (Erin Westbrook) becomes one of the keys to fighting the final battle and finding the best way forward at every turn after it comes literally Become an angel with the power to manipulate time. Similarly, Tony Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) eventually makes her time in the spotlight as Percival tries to subtly attack her child, who she later learns is terrified because her child, Anthony, is also immortal. full point of the fight riverdale Season 6 is for the characters to finally come together, work together relentlessly, and use their collective talents and knowledge to save their city.

For the first (long-overdue) time, each character has a role to play in stopping the villain and saving the day, something the series has been completely missing from the start. In fact, it is the characters who have never hit the headlines this time that are finally allowed to be the protagonists of the story. To stop Percival, a fight takes place outside Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe where Percival takes down several Riverdale residents before Jughead takes him to the river.valley, the dimensions of his house. Then, Tabitha uses her divine abilities to take Percival back in time, before making a deal for immortality and offering her to Mister Cypher for a soul collection.

Unfortunately, before he stops completely, Percival uses magic to set Bailey’s comet on a collision course with Riverdale in the season finale, threatening an extinction-level crash. Then, Veronica is given her dazzling moment by coming up with the idea of ​​using her power to absorb the powers of the others and transfer them to Cheryl, who wants to melt the icy comet without putting everyone’s life on hold. He can use his enhanced pyrokinesis and phoenix abilities. Cheryl is at risk again. Although the result of the comet’s meltdown—being cast once again as teenagers in the 1950s—is unpredictable, it’s a beautiful moment to watch the three women riverdale Has historically become the last hero. And, it doesn’t come at the expense of Betty and Jughead.

In fact, Betty and Jughead not driving the entire season’s story alone actually proved to be a good thing for both characters. It provided an opportunity to show what we’ve been missing out on over the years as his character development was pushed to the background in favor of yet another mystery. After leading the charge against Percival with his friends, he was eventually allowed to focus on other things. Betty’s hunt for the trash bag killer in the sixth season ends somewhat unexpectedly and allows Betty to begin some long-awaited soul-searching. She digs into her childhood and how her serial killer father framed her to allow the darkness inside her to dissipate, and by the end of the season, she finally has this darkness behind her that follows the second season. is at the fore of his mind. of show.

She decides to move into the light, giving Betty a dramatically different future for the show’s final season. (You know, if they return from the 1950s before the series finale.) If Betty had been given another secret that would have absorbed all her attention, this would never have happened. As far as Jughead is concerned, he was more involved in Percival’s story than Betty throughout the season, although most of his involvement coincided with Tabitha’s. It allowed us to see these two both individually and growing up together, showing what a powerful romantic pair they are. Plus, Jughead focuses heavily on his writing, opening up his world to us more than ever before.

For too long, everything has revolved around Betty and Jughead and their investigative skills. Entertaining as those stories and characters have been for the most part, it’s undeniable that over everyone else riverdale Had to suffer because of this. The writers never treated the stories of others as if they were as important as the mysteries of Betty and/or Jughead. The decision to bring everyone together in the sixth season to stop Percival and save Riverdale brought something to the show that would have made it so much better if done much earlier, showing just how important the city is. Everyone And how much does everyone have to offer. But, it’s better to be late than not, right?

riverdale return for its final season in 2023. Catch up on Netflix now.

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