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Santa Claus: Laura San Giacomo to play La Befana

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classic christmas movie fans Santa Claus can get their holiday cheer on it Laura San Giacomo ready to appear in the upcoming show, Santa Claus, according to an exclusive from Deadline. The series is expected to debut on Disney+ later this year.

San Giacomo, who previously used the . had starred in NCIS, is set to play the Italian folkloric Christmas witch La Befana. Similar to the role of Santa Claus, La Befana travels throughout Italy, feasting well-behaved children on Epiphany, a Christian feast day. While it is unknown what kind of role the figure will play in the series, it is suggested that the show will feature holiday traditions from other cultures around the world.

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This announcement comes after a recent report that David Krumholtz, who played Bernard the Head Elf in the original films, will return to his iconic role in the series. Giacomo also included Tim Allen And Elizabeth Mitchell, who both return as Scott Calvin and Carol Calvin. series will also include Kal Penny ,A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas) as Simon Chosky, Austin Kane as time, and Matilda Lawler as Betty. Rupali Reddy Will also appear in the series as Grace Elizabeth Allen-Dickieas Alan’s real-life daughter, Sandra, and Devin Bright as Noel. With a talented cast of new and returning actors at the heart of the beloved franchise, Santa Claus Can give visitors a memorable holiday treat.

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The series will focus on Scott Calvin who begins to lose his magic as he approaches his 65th birthday. Realizing that he can’t be Santa Claus forever, and wants a normal life for his family, Calvin sets out on a journey to find a suitable replacement as he finds a place for his family outside the North Pole. Creates a new life. Whoever plays Santa Claus in a red suit will be revealed when the holiday series premieres on Disney+.

Santa Claus Will executive produced by the showrunner jack burdittowho previously collaborated with San Giacomo just shoot me, Allen Co-Executive Produces kevin henchAnd Richard Baker together Rick Messina, jason wienerAnd John Radler of Small Dog Picture Company.

The series has no set release date, but is expected to debut on Disney+ for the holiday season later this year. Watch the original trailer for the classic holiday movie, Santa Claus below:

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