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Secret Invasion Explainer: What’s The Story Of Marvel Comics?

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There are tons of projects coming for Marvel fans in the years to come, but none are quite as anticipated as an upcoming Disney+ series. covert attack,

Based on the popular comic story of the same name, the series will dive into a world of mistrust and conspiracy as the massive Skrull plot is unveiled. The comic storyline was an eight-part limited series, but influenced other comics and characters in the larger MCU.

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In the comics, the Illuminati, including Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Professor X, Black Bolt, and Doctor Strange, attack the Skrull Empire, telling them about their past attempt to invade Earth and warning them that the future will be on Earth. Any attempt to attack will come at one. heavy cost. However, the Skrull Princess Wranke decides to discard her warning and infiltrate Earth as several high-ranking players, including Wranke herself as Spider-Woman (along with the actual Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman captive). ) pretended to be. Thus began a game of chess, with the Skrulls shape-shifting into whoever they wanted to be and the Avengers struggling with the idea that anyone they trust could secretly invade Earth. A Skrull can be hell-bent. Surprises include Illuminati member Black Bolt was a Skrull who never escaped from the Skrull Empire and along with the rest of the Illuminati, Electra Nachios was revealed as a Skrull after his death.

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The highlight of the Secret Invasion story was that it played out like a whodunit, with the reader and the protagonist themselves unsure who they could trust. This eventually culminated in a massive battle between the heroes led by Nick Fury in The Raft, a supermax prison for supervillains released by the Skrulls. With SHIELD infiltrated so successfully, the organization was shut down by POTUS. Since SHIELD’s presence in MCU content has dwindled lately, this is something we can see happening in the streaming show.

The Disney+ series is likely to be very different from the comics, both in terms of story and scope. For starters, characters like Spider-Woman have yet to be introduced to the MCU (though there is a Sony Olivia Wilde film on the horizon) and the character appears unlikely to be introduced in the series. There’s also nothing to indicate that the series will be a star-studded affair with familiar Marvel heroes making cameos or that Skrulls will be part of the action. Nick Fury at the moment (Samuel L Jackson), Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), Maria Hill (cobie smulders), war machine (don cheadle) and Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) all are coming back but aside from War Machine, none of these are superheroes and even War Machine has a second role for Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) in most of his MCU outings.

captain marvel It also did away with the comic notion of all Skrulls being evil, with Talos being the nice guy and Kree being the malevolent harasser in the film. ahead, Spider-Man: Far From Home Turns out that Talos was acting as Nick Fury on Earth under Fury’s orders, so it’s unlikely he’ll turn to the dark side in the series. From what we know about the series, it looks like the show will lean heavily into the detective genre, with Fury ousting double agent Skrulls who are posing as humans. Thus the show will inevitably follow agents of SHIELDThe story of the Hydra infiltration was much more than the comic’s superhero bonanza. covert attack.

Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Jarvis, Hank Pym’s dupes were all in the game during the chaos and while the Disney+ series isn’t likely to be too grand in the scheme of things, it could open the door for an Avengers-level film. Somewhere down the line. That said, Kang is so firmly on board and the multiverse saga concludes. Avengers: Kang Dynasty And this Avengers: Secret WarsWhere the MCU can actively explore the popular Secret Invasion story outside the series remains a mystery.

A lot of new casting has been added to the series to get fans excited and keeping them looking forward to the Disney+ series. Kingsley Ben-Adiro, Carmen Ejogo, Killian Scott, Christopher McDonald, And Dermot Mulroney All are stepping into the MCU with unknown roles. Although Ben-Adir is said to be the main villain, not much else we know about the mysterious MCU show. The two most exciting casting announcements though have been Mother of Dragons. Emilia Clarke As well as making his MCU debut on the show, the Academy Award winner Olivia Colman Joe will play Fury’s old ally. His role should pair well with Fury, especially since the set photos and Samuel L. Jackson’s own comments indicate that the show will dive into the popular character’s past. Likewise, the series will also eventually put some of the spotlight on Maria Hill, a character that’s been present since the first Avengers movie but hasn’t focused on until now.

Cobie Smulders, who played him at the 2022 Comic Con, told Buzzfeed: “There’s a dynamic, there’s a working relationship between Fury and Hill, like, what is that? What do they do while waiting for the clues to arrive, you know? How is a safe house? What kind of water cooler talks about? So this is an opportunity to show off. And I think for him specifically, he’s been holding the fort ever since [Fury] Gone, and a lot of things are coming to a head.”

It’s a good idea to discover the Fury-Hill duo at the end of the series, seeing as how they’ve been a mainstay in the MCU from the start. However, there is little indication as to where the series will leave the MCU and if the show will be a self-contained six-part miniseries that will eventually put Skrull’s story to rest, or in future seasons or upcoming movies. This will set the stage for further exploration.

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