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She-Hulk directors tease Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters Dynamic

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Fans are less than a fortnight away from meeting Marvel’s new lawyer in law she hulk And the trailer that surfaced recently at Comic-Con has only added fuel to the fire. The MCU’s first courtroom comedy drama looks incredibly funny and gives fans a hilarious peak inside Jennifer Walters’ head. Hulk in the Trailer (mark ruffalo) Beginning of She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) in the manner of being Hulk. In a recent conversation with the director of Entertainment Weekly, kat choiro Throw more light on the dynamics of Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters.

Coiro said, “Bruce and Jennifer’s dynamic is honestly one of my favorite parts of the series as he gets into it through this very personal journey, and he has a preconceived idea that their experience will be exactly what it is.” theirs and that he has a lot to teach her.” She continued, “And very quickly, it becomes clear that her experience is going to be very different physically, literally and mentally, because of how they have acted differently in the world as men and women. I absolutely love watching Bruce throw his game of thinking he’s the teacher and realizing that very quickly, he has things to teach him.”

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In the trailer, we see She-Hulk accomplishing all that comes in the way of the Hulk. Maslany previously revealed that the series is going to take an in-depth look at the expectations of a female superhero versus a male superhero. Koiro elaborated on that topic, saying, “Historically, we’ve all had these comic book characters who get angry at level 10, but how is She-Hulk supposed to be when that rage is at level 5? ? Is she treated the same way men are at level 10? We really went for it in that regard.” The trailer is testament to this comparative theme.

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Ruffalo is a Marvel veteran who played Bruce Banner the Avengers (2012) made a total of six performances in the last decade, in which she hulk Marking his seventh and Maslany’s first outing. Fortunately, according to Coiro, the experiences of both actors gave themselves quite naturally to their roles. He revealed:

“It was fun to see Marco [Ruffalo] And Tatiana, because he’s been playing his Hulk for so many years and he was so new to the Hulk, and yet, as soon as they started working together, Mark was like, ‘Wow, he’s amazing and he’s all these Huge ship is bringing new levels.’ The actors’ experience really mirrored the characters’ experience in a really funny way.”

she hulk Will debut on Disney+ on August 18. You can watch the latest trailer for the series below.

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