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She-Hulk: New trailer gives a closer look at Jameela Jamil’s Titania

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It’s an amazing time to be a Marvel fan and the next MCU Disney+ series is coming our way soon She-Hulk: Lawyer at Law, That means this quirky intro, the green fourth-wall-breaker hero is premiering on August 18th. Since last month’s San Diego Comic Con, marketing for the series has been breaking it into high gear. Now Marvel has released a new teaser she hulk It offers many of the exciting storylines fans should expect from this comic book in a courtroom procedural.

The teaser is only 30-seconds long, but it packs a big punch with some impressive She-Hulk transformation shots. We also see more played by Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk Tatiana Maslany reluctantly being trained mark ruffalohulk, Jameela JameelaThe villain of Titania, and various guest appearances from other major Marvel heroes. For example, we get a new glimpse charlie coxDaredevil in motion. We get a good look at his cowl which is very similar to his design from his former Netflix series. The only real difference is that it is now sporting its classic yellow and red color scheme.

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she hulk There’s a huge focus on the duality and tension that comes with trying to juggle a career as well as a normal life while being a superhero. Throughout the various teasers, including this one, we see Walters struggling with it. something that brave Also went in the series. Although not made by Marvel Studios, it will be interesting to see what they take from that series, and it appears that Daredevil may be somewhat of a mentor to Walters. After all they are in the same field.

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Too many lawyers already have a tough time defending criminals, but Walters’ personal woes are taken a step further when he has to defend a super villain. What makes things worse is that other super villains can crash at any time to turn She-Hulk’s moral chaos into real chaos. This can be seen in this new teaser when Titania hits the courtroom. While we’ve seen this several times in other marketing material, this teaser gives us some really cool shots of Titania throwing She-Hulk with us that we haven’t seen before.

she hulk Wants to cover a lot of new ground for the MCU as a series. Whether it’s fourth-wall-breaking humor spanning multiple genres, or a street level story that seeks to lay the groundwork for a lot of future projects in the universe, She-Hulk is coming to the genre. While we wait for Marvel’s latest hero to take a stand on August 18th, you can check out the new She-Hulk: Lawyer at Law Teaser below:

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