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Stranger Things Season 4 Pops Include Argyll, Robin, Vecna

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even though strange things Season 4 ended a month ago, with the world still buzzing about the epic season. There were many memorable moments and characters from this past season, and now Funko has captured some of them in their latest . I am immortalized strange things Pop line of figures.

The new wave features eight pops, including Erica, Mike in his best California gear, Argyll in his pineapple pizza lover uniform, Robin and Steve in his ultimate battle costume, Eleven holding his hero diorama, a terrifying Demobat and the sinister Vecna. . Along with those pops, Funko is also releasing keychains for Vecna, Erica, Robin, and Steve that feature similar designs from this new wave. In addition to individual pops, they are also releasing a three-pack of Steve, Robin and Vecna ​​from the final fight, as well as a two-pack of Nancy and Robin at their university when they are infiltrated at Penhurst Mental Hospital. are doing. The three-pack will be Walmart exclusive, while the two-pack will be Target exclusive.

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The last new pop is in Argyle’s Surfer Boy Pizza Van. This is arguably the best figure of the new wave. That colorful van played an important part of the new season, and Argyle added such a memorable fun backbone that didn’t detract from the more mature horror slasher tone of the overall story. This pop ride will be a Target exclusive and a must for any Stranger Things.

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Funko is killing it with them strange things line, and it looks like they had a lot of fun with this latest wave. Even though we’ve seen countless pops of Hawkins Crew at this point, these new figures are packed with a lot of detail. Designs like Mike’s sun-soaked balcony and brightly colored California vibes will pop off any collector’s shelf and make you laugh at his misery, while figures like Eleven will tear you apart. The scene where Eleven projects her “hero” about Hopper was one of the most emotional moments in the entire series, and it’s good that Funko cemented that heartfelt love letter in pop form. Though Vekna is probably the showstopper of this set. Fans are now eagerly waiting for his version of the iconic Big Bad. Funko perfectly captures his villainy, as well as his lack of a nose. The brilliance of Vecna’s design was found in her disgustingly layered and textured burnished skin. It has not terribly lost its dangerous funko form.

Funko has once again got himself out. Whether you prefer the more spooky vibes of the series, John Hughes‘ Coming-of-age antics, or as more splatters of humor found throughout, there’s something for everyone in this new wave strange things Fans. It most likely won’t be the last pop we’ll see for Season 4, but for now, you can pre-order this new strange things Wave O Funko’s website.

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