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The Boys Season 3 Jensen Teases His Soldier Boy Character Debut in Season 3 – Entrendz Showbizz

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A number of superhumans will stream their debut in The Boys Season 3. Fans are excited about Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy. Now we know more about the show’s “hero”. Jensen Ackles teases viewers.

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Ackles spoke about his character’s entry on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast. Ackles said that his character appears to be in a bad mood when he first meets him. But he soon returns and begins to make Billy Butcher and his team miserable.

Ackles explained that they “kind of locate me” and that I’ve been held captive for a while. “I don’t believe that this is a secret. I’m not revealing any information.” The character says. “But after they wash me off, I don my superhero suit and go to work.”

He didn’t mention who “they” were or who had been holding his character captive for so many years. Ackles assured Soldier Boy that he will not waste any time trying to get on the wrong side. The Boys introduced Stormfront, a racist superhero in season 2. It appears that Ackles’ new series, though following a similar path, will be from a different angle.

Ackles asked, “Is he grandfather?” “He was born during the 1940s.” He fought in WWII and is now just a racist, cantankerous a**hole. He doesn’t age so he is a young superhero, 40 years old. But, there is a lot of material in there. As you can see from the program. It was easy because he is a good friend to people his age.

Jensen Ackles shares his thoughts on The Boys Season 3

Ackles also shared additional information about his first orientation with The Boys Season 3. Eric Kripke, the showrunner and creator of Supernatural gave Ackles a leg up. Ackles wasn’t a guaranteed part, however. According to Ackles, Soldier Boy was being considered for “far greater stars” by the studio.

This was used by Ackles to create a series audition tapes during COVID lockdown 2020. Kripke provided comments on each tape until Kripke believed they had the best take. Soldier Boy and Butcher seemed to be having a conversation in this scene.

Instead of having his wife or young children play The Boys leader offscreen, Ackles recorded his rough New Zealand accent to Karl Urban.

Ackles was a veteran superhero before he was cast in The Boys Season 3. His memorable roles as Jason Todd (DC) and Bruce Wayne/Batman (Batman: The Long Halloween animated films) were just a few of his many superhero experiences. This isn’t his last superhero venture. During the conversation, Ackles mentioned that he plans to return to DC Universe in the near-future.

Ackles said, “I am now developing a DC asset with Warner Bros. “But, again, I won’t say anything because it would be a jinx.”

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Amazon Prime will have the Boys Season 3 available starting June 3rd.

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