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The Equalizer Season 3: Canceled? Will Chris Noth’s William Bishop Return? – Entrendz Showbizz

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The network’s successful reboot of The Equalizer, a 1980s TV show, has been a huge success. Every fan has one question after the end of the second season, which ended on January 9, 2022. They want to know when The Equalizer Season 3 will be released. Let’s dive in to the details.

Is there a third season of The Equalizer?

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The Equalizer Season 2 was broadcast on CBS on January 9, 2022. Fans have been eagerly awaiting any news on The Equalizer Season 3. It has only been a few weeks since the first season’s premiere. As such, there is no official announcement about The Equalizer Season 3. It is likely, however, that Robyn McCall and the showrunners will return to the series due to its popularity.

What happened to William Bishop in The Equalizer?

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The Equalizer’s first season featured William being introduced to the audience. Robyn McCall’s companion is William Bishop. Robyn and Bishop have a long relationship. William, an ex-CIA director, was a mentor to Robyn during her early days at the agency. Bishop is now a private security firm manager after he retired from the CIA. He also assists Robyn with vigilante actions and liaisons between Robyn’s and the CIA.

The Equalizer Season 3: Canceled? Will Chris Noth’s William Bishop Return?

Episode 7 of The Equalizer season 2 revealed that William has a son called Zaed. When Bishop discovers that Hassan Talib, a terrorist leader, is behind him, everything turns around. Robyn was informed by Bishop that Zaed had been abducted by the terrorist group. Some of the most sensitive information in the CIA is at risk. Robyn decided that Bishop’s life would be saved by her.

As Zaed didn’t know his father, Bishop and Zaed became friends during the rescue. Harry’s brave actions ensured that Zaed was safe and soundly rescued. The next episode saw Bishop pull some strings with President Obama and Harry was released from prison. The FBI charged him with breaching CIA servers during the mission.

Chris Noth fired from The Equalizer Season 3

The Equalizer Season 3: Canceled? Will Chris Noth’s William Bishop Return?

The Equalizer’s storyline did not mention Chris Noth’s departure as Willaim Bishop. The show’s creators revealed that Chris Noth had left The Equalizer in the eighth episode. Noth has been a regular series guest since the beginning of The Equalizer. After the premiere of the second season in December 2021 Noth’s tenure on the show ended.

On the pretext that he was facing sexual assault charges, the actor was removed from his role as Noth in the series. These accusations first surfaced in public on December 16, 2021. At least four women have accused Noth in the past of sexual misconduct. While Noth has since denied the accusations against him, the scandal is believed to be the main reason for his departure from The Equalizer Season 3.

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