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The Resident Season 6: Who Did Conrad Ask Out Among Cade And Billie? Fox Renews The Show For Another Season! – Entrendz Showbizz

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The fifth season of The Resident was completed on Fox last week. There was much to see in the final season, whether it was Ian’s fight with cancer or Devon and Leela’s second chance at their relationship. Fans are already waiting for The Resident Season 6, as many storylines remain unresolved.

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The Resident, a series of medical dramas, was created by Amy Holden Jones and Hayley Schore. It debuted on Fox in 2018 Based on Marty Makary’s novel Unaccountable, the show’s concept is to be televised. The series chronicles the personal and professional struggles of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital’s medical staff.

The Resident Season 6 is Confirmed

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The Resident Season 5 concluded on Fox Network on May 17, 2022. Fans will be happy to learn that The Resident Season 6 was already approved by the network. Although there were some issues in Fox’s negotiations with 20th Television, all is well for The Resident Season 6. The premiere of season 5’s finale was not enough to make the sixth season public. Although the sixth season was announced, no details are available on the filming schedule or the release date for the next season.

What to Expect from the Resident Season 6?

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Conrad called Nic, his wife of five seasons, to remind him of her and start a new life. Bell was able to see again, but he was thinking about leaving Chastain because of his declining health. AJ was informed by Padma that she was going to have twins. Devon then wanted to move to Baltimore, after he left Chastain. However, Leela stopped him. They decided to try again for their relationship.

Devon might decide to leave Chastin now that he has reconnected with Leela. We may see Ian Sullivan’s daughter Cade and his wife moving to Atlanta as he fights cancer. Bell could be inspired by Kit to keep working in Chastain as a surgeon despite his multiple sclerosis. The two could also be planning a marriage. Padma and AJ could spend more time together because of their unborn children.

Is Devon Pravesh A Playboy?

Devon Pravesh does not seem to be someone who would go out of his way for women. But there could be more to him that what the show shows. Priya Nair was his first date.

The Resident Season 6: Who Did Conrad Ask Out Among Cade And Billie? Fox Renews The Show For Another Season!

Their engagement was canceled due to Julian Booth’s emotions. This is what a playboy would do. Priya was asking him to leave Chastain and move in with her. This seems quite reasonable. He may have had that opportunity to justify his behavior.

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