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The Sandman: Who voices Merv Pumpkin’s head?

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the Sandman is the latest fantasy drama series from Netflix and comes from the world of DC. based on graphic novels Neil GaimanThe story follows Morpheus, the king of dreams. After being imprisoned for 106 years, Morpheus is finally freed from his captivity and sets out on a quest to restore some of the kingdom to the Kingdom of the Dreaming, a region he ruled. Like many Netflix series, the show features a star-studded cast, including the likes of tom sturridge, Aseem ChowdharyI charles danceAnd Gwendoline ChristieThe latter two had previously collaborated on HBO. game of Thrones, As with many others, his presence may be quite obvious on screen, but one character that might surprise you with his looks is Mervyn Pumpkinhead, the chain-smoking caretaker. Well, you wouldn’t be mistaken to think that you recognize his famous voice, like mark hamley The voice of the watchman of dreams.

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Hamill is certainly best recognized for his role as Luke Skywalker star wars franchise, but the veteran actor appeared in many roles throughout his varied and illustrious career. The iconic actor has been starring in hit movies and TV shows since the 1970s, appearing in hits such as sleepwalker (1992), Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), and the 2014 rendition of DC glow as a trickster. despite being synonymous star warsHamill has time and time again proven himself to be more of a one-trick pony, and often excels in the projects he takes on.

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starring in the Sandman In his latest portrayal as Merv, Hamill is reinventing himself as one of the most prolific voice actors out there, and at age 70, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. as well as voice characters in the show like time squad (2001-2003), ultimate Spider Man (2012-2016), and various Scooby Doo Perhaps most notable in the voice acting world for his role as The Joker in the series, Hamill 1992–1994 batman Animated Series. He also reprized the role in several DC Animations, and his effective villainous portrayal made him a highly regarded villain in the animation world.

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Mervyn Pumpkinhead is a vastly different role for Hamill than his version of The Joker, but Hamill plays the role with ease. Speaking at Netflix’s Geeked Week panel, Gaiman praised Hamill, saying “his Merv is hilarious”, and the series’ co-creator. allen heinberg discussed how Hamill is “brilliant at it” and “such a pleasure to work with”. Given his success in his previous features as a voice actor, it is no surprise that Hamill was able to take this on so effectively, as well as showing his strength in a more comedic role.

By casting a great actor like Hamill, Netflix continues to show off its star appeal with comedians Patton Oswalt Also being featured as the voice of Morpheus’s messenger Matthew the Raven. the Sandman Has accumulated a cast many shows would envy, and Mark Hamill’s experience adds to the already heaping roster.

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