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The Sound Of Magic Season 2: Has Netflix Already Renewed The Kdrama? Find Out Here – Entrendz Showbizz

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Since a while, Netflix has had a long-lasting love affair with Korean dramas. The Sound Of Magic is the latest addition. Despite only six episodes, the first season received positive reviews and fans are eager for the second season. Fans are eager to see what the next season of The Sound Of Magic Season 2 brings.

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Netflix’s The Sound Of Magic Korean Drama Series is based on the Webtoon ‘Annarasumanara’ by Ha Il-Kwon. Kim Sung-youn, Kim Min-Jeong and Kim Min-Jeong created the series. It debuted on Netflix May 20, 2022. Yoon Ah Yi is left by her parents and her younger sister in The Sound of Magic. She finds a job part-time and works tirelessly to care.

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Yoon Ah Yi is a top student at her school, despite having to balance work, school and caring for her sister. She only hopes that her time will speed up so she can grow up and have a stable career and income. Her life is forever changed when she meets a magician, and tells him all about her wish.

Is there a Sound of Magic Season 2?

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The six episodes from the original season were all released May 6, 2022. The Sound Of Magic Season 2 has yet to be announced. This is not surprising considering Netflix takes several months to evaluate how a show is performing prior to making a decision about its future. The 25-chapter Webtoon that is the basis of the series has been established. There is plenty of material to keep the series going. Netflix will soon have the final word on the future of the second series.

What can you expect from Sound of Magic Season 2?

The first season featured Yoon Ah-Yi in desperate need of assistance. Ri-eul appeared before her and made her wonder if he was a magician. Ah-Yi began to get closer to Na Ildeung as he asked him out on a study date. During the questioning of Ah-Yi by cops about a con man, Ri-eul’s dark secrets were discovered. Ri-eul disappeared mysteriously at the end of the first series. Ah-yi, on the other hand, went to the amusement park and reminisced about the past, before heading to work and performing a few magic tricks to a birthday girl.

The Sound Of Magic Season 2: Has Netflix Already Renewed The Kdrama? Find Out Here

The Sound Of Magic Season 2 will likely bring back the series. It will continue the story that was told in the first season. We will get a glimpse at the next chapter in Ah-Yi’s life as a magician. The Sound Of Magic Season 2 might see Ri-eul return to Ah-Yi. It is possible that the season will reveal the reasons behind Ri-eul’s disappearance. Fans can also expect the second season to reveal the future for Ah-Yi and Ill-deung.

Who will be in the Cast?

The cast of this Korean drama series has a stellar cast. Ji Chang-Wook plays Ri-eul, and Choi Sung Eun plays Yoon Ah-Yi. Hwang In-youp plays Na Il-deung, while Yoo Jae Myung plays Na Ji-Man. Hong Jung-min plays Yoon Yoo Yi.

The Sound Of Magic Season 2: Has Netflix Already Renewed The Kdrama? Find Out Here

Moreover, viewers were able to see Hong Seo-hee playing Young Ji-soo while Kim Bo-Yoon played Kim So-hee. Kim Ba-da is Sergeant Park. The Sound Of Magic Season 2 will most likely see the return of many of the cast members from the first season. The plot and storyline will expand in season 2. You might also see some new cast members.

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