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Tomorrow Ep 7: Joong Gil & Ryeong Uncomfortable past surfaces, Jun-Woong saves lives by defusing a bomb! – Entrendz Showbizz

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Tomorrow Ep 7 seems like Ryeong will be joining her team to rescue a dying person. Although they will face some difficulties, the reapers won’t let them down. In the next episode, we will see a glimpse into the past between Joong-Fill & Ryeaon. Keep reading to find out all about episode 7.

Tomorrow Ep 7 Preview: What’s Next?

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In the upcoming episode, death angels will be sent to another angel to save a soul from their own deaths. We will also see a glimpse into Joong-Gil’s and Ryeons pasts. We will discover the reasons for the tensions between the two of them in Tomorrow Ep 7. Jun-Woong may also be seen trying to diffuse a bomb, saving lives.

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Here’s a quick recap!

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Tomorrow’s previous episode was entitled “A Soul Becomes a Star”. The King of Heaven gave Ryeon the task of saving Lee Young-Chun, a 91 year-old veteran of war who wanted to commit suicide. Ryeon was asked by the King to remind Young about the purpose of life and to convince him to live. Ryeon informed the team about the mission. It was discovered that Ryeon had been with them since the Qing invasion of Joseon.

The trio then went to Young-Chun’s house. Jun-Woong went outside to buy cleaning supplies, while Jun-Woong ran into the old man. Hun-Woong was carrying the cart of the old man as they encountered gangsters. They harassed the old man, and asked him to get up. Jung-Woon broke again the non-interference rule and attacked the gangsters knocking them out.

In Tomorrow Ep 6, Ryung Gu also told Young-Chun they were reapers, and informed him that he would be dying the next day. Young-Chu revealed that the man was a Korean war vet without any family. His neighbor was killed and found dead in his home. Young-Chun didn’t want to die in the same manner as his neighbor, so he planned on taking his own life. Young-Chun was made memorable by the trio who helped him with his garbage collection. Because he couldn’t make a living, the goond was constantly harassing him due to rising realty prices.

Tomorrow Ep 7: Joong Gil & Ryeong Uncomfortable past surfaces, Jun-Woong saves lives by defusing a bomb!

The Trio Discovers More About Young-Chun’s Personal Life, While The King of Heaven Appears To Take Him Away

A flashback shows that a Young-Chun, a young man, joined the bloody war. He was trapped in the midst of the deathly smell, smoke, and explosions. Young-Chun made friends with Dong-Chil, a fellow soldier. Young-Chun saved his friend’s life when his leg was broken. Dong-Chil resentfully blamed Young-Chun, however. Young-Chun was asked to leave.

Young-Chun lost his home and his mother to vandalism. Young-Chun suffered from the trauma of war for many decades and eventually resorted to garbage picking. Ryong-Gu admitted that wars can be hard for reapers as well. He had to gather so many souls and get them to the right spot. Young-Chun believed that his life was meaningless and that he had nothing to live for.

Tomorrow Ep 7: Joong Gil & Ryeong Uncomfortable past surfaces, Jun-Woong saves lives by defusing a bomb!

Ryeong also took Young-Chun up to the highest point of Seoul. As they looked around, Ryeong reminded Young-Chun that everything was possible because of her contributions. Jun-Woon also tracked Dong-Chil. The old man was thrilled to learn that his friend was still alive. People on the internet acknowledged Young-Chun’s contribution.

The time came for his death. Young-Chu was also remembered by Hoong-Gill, who showed his respect for him during his time on that battlefield. Young-Chun was also honored by the King of Heaven, who formed a royal guard. He finally reunited his mother with Tomorrow Ep 6 after his death.

Tomorrow’s Ep 7: Airing Date

Tomorrow’s episode 7 of MBC will be broadcast on April 22, 2022. Two new episodes are broadcast weekly by the network on Fridays and Saturdays at 10:00 pm. ET. ET.

The latest episode can be streamed on Dramacool or Netflix by viewers around the world. Don’t miss the seventh episode! Stay tuned on for more exciting episode previews.

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