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Top 10 Comedy Series You Can Stream Online – Entrendz Showbizz

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Top 10 Comedy Shows to Watch Online: It can be difficult to find the right comedy show for you. Are you a fan of workplace sitcoms Perhaps real music? What about a comedy series that focuses more on the serious side of comedy?

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It’s all relative what we find funny, but Netflix has so many great comedy series, it’s easy to add at least one.

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These are the top 10 most entertaining shows online. Enjoy a bingy weekend with our list.

‘Fleabag’ (2016-19)

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Episode: 12

Phoebe WallerBridge looks at the camera in the first show. Waller-Bridge transforms her audience into confidantes by telling a funny and often surprising tale about a young British woman who is self-destructive and trying to win the trust of her friends.

Two short and twisty seasons are filled with memorable supporting characters. You can watch the first episode of “Fleabag” and you’ll be compelled to go through the rest to see if these charming, messed up men will be alright.

‘Friends’ (1994-2004)

Top 10 Comedy Series You Can Stream Online

Don’t let the TV medical series be filled with blood, death and melodrama. Friends” at Sacred Heart Hospital are a warm and welcoming environment where a young doctor named JD (Zach Braff), learns his trade and makes lifelong friends while learning how to be a responsible adult professional.

The protagonist’s devious daydreams and conscious storytelling are quite extravagant. “Friends” is as funny as it is fictional. However, there are also life and death situations in every episode to keep the strangeness going.

“Dear White People”

Top 10 Comedy Series You Can Stream Online

Original Run: 2017-Present

Starring: Logan Browning; Brandon P. Bell; Deeron Horton; Antoinette Robertson; John Patrick Amadori. Ashley Blaine Featherson. Markey Richardson. DJ Blickenstaff. Giancarlo Esposito.

It made the list because: This Netflix comedy addresses issues of privilege and race through stories about college students who study at a fictional Ivy League school.

“Never Have I Ever”

Top 10 Comedy Series You Can Stream Online

Original run: 2020-present

Starring: Poorna Jagannathan and Maitreyi Rajakrishnan; Richa Moorjani; Jaren Levison; Darren Barnett and John McEnroe.

Why it made the list: Mindy Kaling’s hilarious, heartfelt comedy about coming of age is a great example of Asian stereotypes being challenged.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Top 10 Comedy Series You Can Stream Online

Original Run: 2013-Present

Brooklyn Nine-Nine makes it on the list because: It’s one of those shows which starts out funny but quickly becomes hilarious when you get to know its characters and their quirks. It’s never been more fun to solve crimes.

Dan Harmon’s Community College ensemble gained a dedicated following despite almost always being cancelled.

The series is about a popular study group of misfits, played by comedy veterans and men. They are about to get cringy as they walk through Greendale Community College. The show is funny and confusing but it has a lesson about how to be a better person for life.

Crash (2016)

Crashing, unlike many sitcoms that feature young people with a lot of resources, focuses on the relationships between young parents and their children in an abandoned hospital.

The Emmy-winner Phoebe Waller Bridge appeared right next to Fleabag. She was equally affected by the emotions that surrounded the middle of Fleabag’s party. This 20-year-old comedy is worth binging on in just six episodes.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015-2019)

Many critics have tried to discredit Rachel Bloom’s CW series. They perceived it as sexist and criticized the title. This is an idea he draws from the opening credits.

The series is actually quite revolutionary. It offers a scathing, but subtle, commentary on how women treat one another. And it features an amazingly diverse cast for its run. During.

CXG’s from-comic antics are based on Rebecca, the heroine. She has compulsive behaviors and past traumas. They also satirize music conventions with song-and dance numbers worthy of Sondheim. Although it’s a downhill spiral, psychosis is still a very enjoyable experience.

Girlfriend (2000-2008).

Everybody wishes they could have a crew like Joan and Maya. We might not be able to experience Joan’s maternal instincts, or laugh at Maya IRL, but the warmth and humor of the series and its characters (including William, honorary girlfriend) is amazing.

It makes us feel part of the group. This beloved comedy is a joy to watch and a modern update of the original format thanks to its diverse black female characters.

The Good Place (2016-2020).

Top 10 Comedy Series You Can Stream Online

This sneaky afterlife comedy from Mike Schur (Parks and Recreation) shows Kristen Bell’s dead Eleanor accidentally giving birth in Heaven-Esque.

Once the show’s high-concept characters and premise are established, you can do what it takes to find her. You may even be coerced into helping Michael, your neighborhood architect. You can enjoy watching him.

Chidi, her “soulmate”, is there to teach Chidi everything she needs to know about being a good and nice person. It becomes apparent that the “Good Place” is much more complex than we thought, but it’s clear that you will feel as if you have been sent to a television haven by the end of the series.

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