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Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch – Entrendz Showbizz

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Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch: Season 4 of “Stranger Things” is set to release on Netflix in 2022. The trailer has been posted all over the internet. Let’s review the top Netflix horror series.

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Horror series of recent years have gone beyond the traditional supernatural plots with ghosts or evil spirits to incorporate dark psychological thrillers and alternative universe theory.

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Netflix is a streaming media platform that has accumulated a lot of horror series to suit different tastes and expectations. Netflix’s diverse collection includes many foreign imports and originals, making it difficult to choose just 10.

The Top 10 Horror Shows on Netflix:

10. Mindhunter-

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Charlize and David Fincher produced the 2017 series. It stars two real-life agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench. Holt McCallany stars Holt McCallany and Wendy Carr plays psychologist. Anna Torv stars in the FBI’s Behavior Science Unit. They interview serial killers and deal with active cases, which can have a severe impact on their personal lives.

9. The Order-

Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch

Jack Morton, a Belgrave University student, joins the Hermetic Order, a secret society that deals with magic and monsters. He is on a path to vengeance for his mother’s murder and encounters dark magic, battles with werewolves, as well as dark secrets about his family. This 2019 TV series features Jake Manley as Jack Morton. The Order was awarded a 100% rank by Rotten Tomatoes.

8. Dark-

Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch

This sci-fi series was first broadcast on the internet in 2017. It captivated viewers with its dark mystery drama and gloomy setting. The show features two missing children and four families trapped in double lives, alternate universes, time zones, and an unfortunate fate. This show features Oliver Masucci and Karoline Eichhorn as well as Jordis Triebel.

7. Alias Grace-

Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch

Sarah Polley adapted Margaret Atwood’s historical novel. She was the first authoress to write dark, gloomy psychological novels. Dr. Simon Jordan interviews Grace Marks, a “celebrated killeress”, to learn more about her life and explore a variety of violence, trauma, and intriguingly woven mysteries. This show is a delight to watch because the main character is played by Sarah Gadon.

6. The Walking Dead –

Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch

In 2010, the hour-long zombie drama was launched and quickly became the most-watched show. Perfect production value, excellent characterization, and a cover-up by the villain for the sometimes slow pace of the storyline make the quest of Grimes Gang a memorable one. This show was a fan favorite thanks to stars like Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan.

5. Hannibal-

Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch

The series features the title character, a brilliant psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter (“Mads Mikkelsen”) who forms a partnership to capture powerful criminals with Will Graham (“Hugh Dancy”) As the course progresses, viewers discover how horrible Hannibal’s mind is. The 2013 series was a fan favorite and critically acclaimed.

4. Ash vs Evil Dead-

Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch

The horror franchise that is the most beloved returns. The 2015 series ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ scored a 100 percent in Rotten Tomatoes. Bruce Campbell returns as the heroic, nerdy monster fighter Ash Williams.

After 30 years of fighting the evil dead, Ash, an aging man, accidentally unleashes the Deadite plague on the world. Ray Santiago, Lucy Lawless (Ash’s faithful sidekick), is co-starring with Bruce

3. Death Note

Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch

Rotten Tomatoes again gave it a 100% rating. The first episode of this fan-favorite dark anime series aired on October 3, 2006. It tells the story Light Yagami, a normal high schoolboy.

Light stumbles upon a mysterious notebook which can kill anyone who has their name written on it. Light decides to use the notebook to create a world without crime. The horror story continues as the rest of the cast follows.

2. Stranger Things

Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch

This coming-of-age story was mentioned in the beginning of the post. It is now at the second spot on our list. Strange paranormal activity takes place in Hawkins when a boy disappears. A group of young girls and boys become entwined in the investigation.

We won’t reveal too much about the plot, but it is worth noting the amazing storyline, the exceptional actions of the young cast and the complex bond that emerges from the nooks and crannies of horror and adventure.

The cast grew as they became more mature. Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard helped to develop the characters.

1. The Haunting of Hill House –

Top 10 Netflix Horror TV Series To Watch

It’s a Netflix original, just like ‘Stranger Things’. The series is a masterful adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s classic novel, stunning cinematography, and outstanding control of the viewers’ heads.

This modern interpretation of the classic by Mike Flanagan, which features ghosts both on the screen and in the mind, is the most popular horror series on Netflix. The 2018 series stars Victoria Pedretti and Henry Thomas. Kate Siegal and Elizabeth Reaser also star in it.

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