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Westworld season 4: How the latest team-up offers hope for coexistence

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Editor’s Note: The article below contains spoilers for Season 4 of Westworld.From the first season’s climate host rebellion led by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) led by Dolores-Hale to the domination of humans of the current season (Tessa Thompson), most of done by The dynamic between humans and hosts is structured narratively and thematically around “us versus them”. For the most part, the repeated conflicts between the two species show that the two cannot live amicably together. While the show offers a glimpse of harmony through a select human-host team-up – Mew (Mew).thandie newton) and Caleb (Aaron Paul) are perhaps the most important narrative – no pair yet displays the hope of coexistence like Maeve and Frankie’s latest team-up (aurora perrineau,

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The two characters come together during the sixth episode of Season 4, “Fidelity”. In the present day, Frankie assists Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) in the reconstruction of the newly excavated Meow. They transfer Mew’s consciousness to a new pearl (the control unit that holds the host’s mind) and use futuristic technology to improve her outward appearance. As Maeve’s programming resumes, Frankie fights a host copy of J (Daniel Wu), one of the members of the rebellion. As Host-Jay threatens Frankie, she tricks him into turning him straight to the now fully functional Maeve, who in true Mew fashion kills him through the skull with a sword. Frankie reveals to Maeve she is Caleb’s daughter, to which Maeve replies, “Of course you are,” which brings the two together as the show’s latest human-host pairing.

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As established in the episode’s flashback opening, Frankie (played by celeste clark as a child) has spent his life trying to escape the tyranny of Dolores-Hale. His mother, Uvade (nojifo maclean), leads to an outright rebellion, saving the lives of humans who manage to escape Dolores-Hale’s control. However, her mother’s efforts are not always successful, and Frankie sees members of the group die at the hands of the hosts. Thus she harbors a deep hatred for the host species. Her distrust of the hosts is also specifically targeted at Maeve, the last person with whom she saw her father. For Frankie, Maeve did what the hosts took from her. However, after Maeve protects her from Host-Jay, she understands how Maeve represented her father’s only chance of survival in a fight against Dolores-Hale. As she says after their reunion, “Part of me knew that if there was any chance he was alive, it was because you were with him.” Maeve’s protective act shows Frankie that the hosts are not equally evil.

Other than saving the human from murder, Maeve initially has no reason to help Frankie go after Dolores-Hale. As seen in the first episode of Season 4, “The Auggies,” Maeve finds peace in isolation. She only returned in host-human fighting as William targeted her. Presumably, with Dolores-Hale distracted by many other problems, she could have moved far away from the host city and returned in peace. However, after her initial encounter with Frankie, Maeve recognizes Caleb’s spirit within her daughter. Although Maeve begins her journey with a complete distrust of humans, her experience with Caleb has shown her that humans and hosts can work together for the greater good. Recognizing Caleb’s goodness in Frankie, Mae proves to him that Caleb is not a unique exception to the human race. The successful human-host pairing between Maeve and Caleb paves the way for a fruitful new duo between Maeve and Frankie. Maeve’s choice to pair with Frankie demonstrates that a successful human-host relationship could lead to future relationships between organic and inorganic.

Their team-up is further enriched by the maternal connection between the two characters. Maeve’s actions to protect Frankie and fight in the name of outsiders reflect the protective spirit that Frankie’s mother displays in the episode’s opening. Because Maeve and Caleb spend so much time together, Maeve can tell stories about Caleb to her daughter, playing a surrogate mother figure. As evidenced by the visual similarities between flashbacks of Caleb’s own daughter and Maeve herself, the series also reveals that Frankie serves as a surrogate daughter for Maeve. Then there is the possibility of not only humans and hosts reconciling, but also the possibility of the two species living together as a family.

As the pairing of these two characters demonstrates, coexistence is possible when the connection is established, even for two characters who once loathed the other. As the fourth season itself leads to an extreme confrontation between Dolores-Hale and, almost every other character, of westworld The latest team-up series offers an optimistic resolution to “Us vs Them” that doesn’t require one of those two sides to be declared the winner.

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