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Who is Ironheart? Iron Man successor Riri Williams explained:

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It was one of several Marvel Disney+ series announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con iron Hearta character that will appear first Black Panther: Wakanda Forever As can be seen in the trailer released at the event. starring actress Dominic Thorne As Ironheart and his alter-ego Riri Williams, the series is set to premiere in late 2023 as part of phase five of the MCU. The series has recently made headlines by casting RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Shia Kouli in an unknown role. There is only one question – who is Ironheart?

This character first appears in the pages of Marvel invincible iron man, volume. 2 #7 in May 2016 as Riri Williams, an introverted 15-year-old engineering student and a certified super-talent. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on scholarship, RiRi reverse-engineered technology from the Iron Man Armor Model 41, making a similar suit for herself with materials stolen from campus. Flying away from MIT, she encounters and stops two inmates fleeing the New Mexico State Penitentiary, meanwhile damaging their suit. Riri returns home to repair the suit and is soon visited by Tony Stark, who, having heard of Riri’s achievement, validates his desire to become a superhero. Later, Riri assists Iron Man in the Second Superhero Civil War, using a repaired version of his armor.

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At the end of the battle, Tony Stark falls into a coma while fighting Captain Marvel, prompting Riri to continue his legacy as a hero. With the help of Stark’s AI duplicate, Riri creates an improved suit of armor and takes the name Ironheart. After a brawl with the Techno Golem and his Biohack ninja, in which he and the defense emerge victorious, SHIELD begins to keep an eye on Riri. With the rise of her star, Riri is offered resources from MIT by her mother Amanda, the head of MIT, Tony Stark’s old laboratory, and membership in a teenage superhero group known as The Champions. SHIELD will soon convince Ironheart to invade Latvia to capture war criminal Lucia von Bardas. Having done so, Riri negotiates a ceasefire between SHIELD and the armed forces of Latveria.

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When a fascist doppelganger from Captain America leads the Hydra in a massive attack on the US government, Ironheart and Tony Stark join the Underground, a rebel force made up of AI heroes and civilians. When the Champions leave the Underground to plan to take down Captain America with Black Widow, Ironheart joins them. The plan does not succeed, resulting in the death of Black Widow at the hands of the evil Captain America and the arrest of the group. When the Underground invades Washington, DC, they defeat the Hydra, free the young heroes and hail the return of the real Captain America. Now an official member of the Champions, the group travels to outer space to assist Nova in saving the Chitauri from the massacre. Ironheart’s suit is lost as a result of a misguided attempt to attack Thanos, forcing him to design a new model.

An admission to Riri by android teammate Viv Vision that she has a crush on his startled Riri, who awkwardly avoids the subject. Later, Riri’s mind is corrupted by Mephisto’s son Blackheart, turning him against his champion teammates. She is forced out of Blackheart’s control by Viv, who apologizes for not considering Riri’s feelings when he boldly tells her about his crush, who as friends warmly express their feelings for each other. becomes a resolution.

Now back on his own, Riri accepted MIT’s offer of his lab and continued to develop his own proper AI by scanning and combining his brainwaves and memories. When the AI ​​is complete, Riri is shocked, but delighted, that the AI ​​has taken the form of an older Natalie, the best friend she has since she was 13 years old. In tribute, she names AI Neuro-Autonomous Technical. Auxiliary and Laboratory Intelligence Unit, or Natalie,

When Chicago is surrounded by zombies, Ironheart determines that a villain named Eclipse is responsible, who captures the culprit and stops the zombie wrath. Connecting the Eclipse to the Ten Rings, a secret society of terrorists directed by Wellspring of Power, Riri seeks Dr. Strange to locate Wellspring’s location. He shows her that it is in Wakanda, so Riri is en route to Wakanda and meets Shuri. Despite a rocky introduction, Shuri and Ironheart work together to stop the Shadow Creatures invasion. Now joined by Silhouette and Okoye, they arrive at Wellspring, where Ironheart receives the Key to Wellspring, giving her increased power to be used to overcome the Ten Rings, forcing them to flee. become. Thanks to their efforts, Ironheart and Silhouette are recognized by Wakanda with their highest honor: the Circle of Bast. Before parting, Riri is told by Shuri that there will always be a place for her in Wakanda if she ever wants to.

In the story “Unlawful”, the enactment of the Underage Superhuman Welfare Act underscores the teenage vigilante, forcing Riri to retire her Ironheart armor out of concern for her mother’s legal consequences if she complies. However, Riri sends Natalie to New York to provide security for the secret meetings of the Teenage Champions. When their meeting place is discovered by the authorities, Natalie helps some of the heroes get to Riri’s home in Chicago. Unwittingly, the refugee heroes bring the authorities to her home, forcing Riri to suit up as Ironheart and repel Cradle’s forces. Now on the run, they relentlessly escape the Cradle, but soon decide to face the military, which ultimately leads to the dismantling of the Cradle and the repeal of the USWA.

Which now brings us to Ironheart’s brief but impressive comic book history. Besides knowing that his MCU debut is coming black Panther With the sequel and the series airing in late 2023, no further details about the series have been revealed. The Wakanda Association May Explain Riri’s Appearance in the Comics wakanda forever, but how much of the story is kept, or if it is kept at all, is unknown. The casting offers very little, only Riri as Thorne and song ross There are only two definitive roles as “RiRi’s best friend” (and no news if the “best friend” is childhood friend Natalie, Natalie the A.I., or someone else). Still, we look forward to the debut of Ironheart and what’s sure to be an interesting conversation between two teenage talents: Thorne’s Riri and letitia wrightThe shuri

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